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Kadyrov is assured of the happy future of the Chechen Republic

the President of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov assured of the happy future to republic and that the expiring year has shown to the whole world desire and ability of the Chechen people to work and create, SPK in the New Year`s reference of the head of region.

" In leaving year the Chechen people once again have proved to the whole world that it - the people sozidatel, hardworking and persevering in object in view achievement. Despite complexities, we 2 have shown the desire and ability to work if to us do not disturb " - Kadyrov has noted.

He is assured that has already passed that time, when ABT Chechens in mass-media " appeared mately only negative character, everywhere searched for the Chechen trace ".

" 2DAY the picture has sharply changed, and EVN those who did not want to C, are urged to recognise that our native land as if the bird the Phoenix, has risen from ashes " - Kadyrov has underlined.

the President of the Chechen Republic has called " To remember and respect history, not to repeat errors which lead to the tragedies similar to what had to worry the Chechen people last 15 years ".

Kadyrov has reminded that the republic enters new year " fairly having executed the civic duty, having taken part in fatal events: elections in the State Duma and a referendum on change of the republican constitution ". He has wished, that the New Year`s feast has passed in ANY1 family " W/ O bitterness and a regret ".

" I am assured that new year becomes one more year of creation approaching us 2 prosperity of our native land, and also is assured of our happy future " - the president has assured.