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In Siberia in 2008 regions

In regions of Siberia in 2008 will unite there will be a considerable quantity of significant events in - to the politician, economy, medicine, social sphere and EVN astronomy - association of regions will proceed, building tourist OEZ and a gambling zone, building of the railway, manufactures and development of deposits will begin, the CTRs of high medical technologies will be created and... There will be a solar eclipse.

Integration of regions, elections  

the First day of January of the next year becomes official date of association of the Irkutsk region and Ust - Ordynsky Buryat autonomous region (UOBAO). According to FZ ABT education as a part of the Russian Federation the new subject - the incorporated Irkutsk region, on October, 12th there should pass elections of deputies of incorporated parliament, and within 35 days after end of formation of a representative body, the president of the Russian Federation should make the offer on a nominee of the governor.

During the expiring year parliaments of two regions actively co-operated in preparation of laws and legal certificates 4 ANY1 region, developing them taking into account forthcoming association. The Legislative Council of the Irkutsk region and Ust - Ordynsky Buryat joint-stock company which problems 2 included preparation of the concept of the Charter of the new subject of the Russian Federation has been on an equal footing created. Deputies of Duma UOBAO have taken part in a number of sessions of Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region. At last session in 2007 the budget of the incorporated Irkutsk region the next year has been accepted.

special status UOBAO which will define criteria of the organisation of local government, and also the rules of law providing preservation of national originality of district will be registered In the Charter of incorporated region.

Official date of association of the Chita region and Aginsky Buryat autonomous region in Transbaikalian edge - on March, 1st, 2008. Before - in January - February, 2008 - the Chita regional Duma and the Aginsky Buryat district Duma will consider a nominee of the governor of edge for representation of the president of the Russian Federation. Elections in regulatory authority of new region it is planned to spend in October, 2008. Completely to finish process of education of the new subject of the Russian Federation it is supposed not later than January, 1st, 2010.

Thus ABAO will be a part of Transbaikalian edge W the special status which, in particular, assumes, preservation of borders of territory, system of the organisation of local governments, and also granting in the first convocation of parliament of edge to district " worthy " representations.

Simultaneously W presidential elections of Russia on March, 2nd in Altay territory will pass elections of Legislative Assembly of region. The Altay parliament is planned to select on the mixed system: 34 deputies - on one-mandatory districts and as much - under party lists.

2 elections of the head of Krasnoyarsk, elections of mayors of capital of Altay territory - Barnaul on March, 2nd will take place, cities - a resort of Belokurikha and Republic Altai capital - Is mountain - Altajska.

Economy, building  

It is planned that in 2008 of Open Society " Gazprom " will begin gas pipeline building " Altai " Term of start of a line is planned for 2011. The general extent of a gas pipeline which will take place on Jamalo - Nenets and Hunts - Mansijsky to districts, Tomsk and Novosibirsk areas, Altay territory and republic Altai - almost 2,7 thousand kilometres. It will connect deposits of Western Siberia to Sintszjan - Uigur autonomous region in the west of China. It is supposed that Russia on a gas pipeline

In Krasnoyarsk region in 2008 the company " Rosneft " will begin industrial oil recovery and gas on one of the hydrocarbonic deposits largest in Russia - Vankorsky. It is planned that oil of Vankora at the first stage will provide a considerable part of deliveries on the export pipeline " the Eastern Siberia - Pacific ocean " (VSTO) which starting capacity will make 30 million tons a year. Building of first stage VSTO (from Irkutsk to the Amur region) 2 is planned to finish till the end of 2008.

Besides, in coming year in Krasnoyarsk region will begin design - prospecting WRK on railway building through the Sayansk mountain ridge which will connect capital of Tuva Kyzyl to station Kuragino in Krasnoyarsk region, having provided thus access 2 coal-fields, iron ore and gold. Extent of a trunk-railway will make 459,5 kilometres. Realisation of the project will demand 137,7 billion roubles, both state, and private

In state zakaznike " Ergaki " Krasnoyarsk region building of the federal sports CTR 4 mountain skiers and snoubordistov will begin. First 260 million roubles from the federal budget on creation of this sports object in edge have already arrived.

In Republics Altais in 2008 will begin design - prospecting WRK on building of the first railway. For today the republic has only automobile and poorly developed aviation MSG. By a tentative estimation, cost of the railway from Biisk B4 It is mountain - Altajska in the extent of 115 kilometres will make 11 billion roubles. To finish building plan in 2015.

2 in 2008 WRK on giving in republic of natural gas will begin. To bring the first gas in boiler-houses and houses It is mountain - Altajska and Majmy is planned in December. On erection gazoraspredelitelnyh networks in Open Society region " Gazprom " will allocate 1,5 billion roubles within the limits of the contract W the republic government. The general extent of planting gas networks will make about 400 kilometres.

Altay territory in 2008 will start building tourist OEZ and a gambling zone, and also will take part in competition of Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation on creation of a port special economic zone.

OEZ turistsko - recreational type " Turquoise Katun " Will occupy territory with a total area of 3,2 thousand hectares and the Red stone will take place on left to river bank Katun around a mount. Here the tourist complex of all-the-year-round action, a hotel complex, cottage settlement, objects cultural - entertaining, improving purpose, business centre will be created.

" Turquoise Katun " is a first stage of development turistsko - a recreational zone. On the second creation kurortno - recreational part OEZ is supposed.

next year Altay territory 2 should start to build an infrastructure of a gambling zone. However on the present a place where the gambling zone " will be located; the Siberian coin " definitively it is not defined. The Smolensk area has preliminary been chosen. But because the earth here has started to rise in price sharply, the administration began to consider others vanty which officially are not sounded.

Arrangement of a gambling zone assumes building at the expense of the private involved capital not only the casino, but also hotel complexes, restaurants, a rest infrastructure (tennis courts, mountain-skiing lines and etc.) is direct . Expenses for creation of an external infrastructure are financed by the federal budget, at a rough guess, they can make 13 billion roubles.

Besides, in 2008 the region intends to participate in competition of Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation on creation port OEZ. As governor Alexander Karlin, according to variety of experts has commented, Altay territory has the serious bases 4 the claim for a port zone on cargo air transportation.

the Interdiction for the organisation and to carrying out of gamblings W use of game machines comes into force in the Tomsk region. Since January, 1st, will supervise interdiction execution specially generated working group, in which structure experts of regional administration and the mayoralty of Tomsk, the Department of Internal Affairs, OBEP, tax service and Gospozharnadzora.

In the Omsk region in November, 2008 it is planned to put in operation the factory first stage after processing of olive cultures and manufacture of biodiesel fuel. This enterprise promises to become biggest beyond Ural Mountains and one of the best on a hardware in Russia.

In the Omsk region 2008 is declared by Year of the businessman. In region will increase volume of financial support to small and AVG business (to a grant, indemnifications), will spend grantovyj competition on state support rendering to the best innovative projects, will found governor`s awards, will organise a series of educational and debatable actions, thematic exhibitions and fairs. Possibility of creation of system of state support of female business is discussed.

the Authorities of Kuzbas in 2008 will emphasise on increase in volume of processing of coal, increase of industrial security at mines and ecology improvement. It is expected that coal miners of Kuzbas will finish 2007 W result in 181 million tons of the extracted coal. Thus concentrating factories, installations and area sortings will overwork about 120 million tons of ordinary coal, or more than 66 % from all volume of extraction. It is planned that in 2008 the gain of capacities on coal mining in Kuzbas will make 2,8 million tons, and on processing - 10 million

In 2008 Kuzbas will start to make for the first time a manganous and copper concentrate for the metallurgical enterprises of region 4 what will master two new deposits in Tashtagolsky and Guryev areas. By the end of 2008 in the city of Salair two concentrating factories W which help the region will make copper, gold, silver, zinc, barite will earn after reconstruction.

2 2008 becomes 4 region key in transition to industrial gas production of methane. Realisation of this project which does not have analogues in Russia, will allow Kuzbas to leave by 2009 on industrial extraction of methane in volume of 5 billion cubic metre in a year.

In 2008 technopark building will begin, to finish which plan in 2010. It is expected that its creation will allow region become the leading Russian CTR of technological maintenance of the mining industry.


In Siberia next year it will be created three federal CTRs of high medical technologies. In Novosibirsk the CTR nejrohirurgicheskoj specialisations, in Barnaul the federal CTR of traumatology, orthopedy and endoprotezirovanija, in Krasnoyarsk - the CTR kardiohirurgii will start to operate.

Since January, 1st the Novosibirsk region, for two years earlier, than all Russia, will pass to the international criteria zhivorozhdennosti children (across all Russia children who were born in term of pregnancy from 22 weeks and which weight from 500 grammes, will be registered at once, as zhivorozhdennye, only since 2010).

Under the offer of Minzdravsotsrazvitija, the Novosibirsk region has entered in " pilot " the federal project on nursing nedonoshennyh newborn children W weight of a body from 500 grammes. Specialised branches on nursing nedonoshennyh newborns will be opened in Regional clinical hospital, city perinatalnom the CTR of Novosibirsk and Kuibyshev central regional hospital.

In the Tomsk region practical WRK on creation of the CTR of nuclear medicine will begin. In the middle of January in regional administration will consider vanty its placings. The CTR is created with the assistance of scientific research institute of nuclear physics, scientific research institute electronic introskopii, scientific research institute oncologists and cardiology scientific research institute. By estimations of experts, in possibilities the Tomsk CTR of nuclear medicine can become unique medical institution not only 4 Siberia, but 4 Russia and 4 the near abroad countries. In it will carry out diagnostics onkozabolevany and it is warm - vascular pathologies on the basis of the most exact tomograficheskih technologies. Treatment will be spent W use of a specialised proton complex, electronic and neutron bunches, and also system and interstitial introduction radionuklidov. 2 it is planned to make radiofarmpreparaty that will provide carrying out of diagnostic researches and procedures radionuklidnoj therapies not only in the CTR, but also in other clinics of Siberia.

In BUT Seversk (Tomsk region) the first aid service by an example of the European paraphysicians in Russia from the beginning of year will apply for the first time essentially new method of the help at myocardium heart attacks - W use innovative trombolitika. It inektsionnyj the preparation created by means of gene engineering, which introduction allows to dissolve at first two o`clock the formed blood clot and to restore a normal blood-groove in heart vessels. In 53 % of cases it is possible to interrupt a heart attack. Cost of one injection - almost 60 thousand. The preparation is bought at the expense of means of the local budget.


In the Novosibirsk region - pilot region on education modernisation, since January, 1st all schools pass to new system of payment - " podushevoe " financing. Earlier, since September, 1st, 2007 the third part of all educational institutions of area has already passed to new system of payment. The essence of the project of upgrade consists in transition to new system of payment of the teacher when the payment fund is formed on " to a shower principle " and the size of payment depends on the end result of WRK of the teacher, and also in re-structuring of a network of educational institutions of area. By 2009, according to the upgrade project, the salary of Novosibirsk teachers it is planned to lift in 1,6 times.

In the Omsk region the regional target program " on January, 1st starts to operate; Development of an education system of the Omsk region till 2010 ". Among program main objectives - improvement of quality and availability of services in an education sphere, maintenance of continuity of educational levels, increases of a professional standard of shots, developments of a social infrastructure in an education sphere, formations and increases of level of ecological culture of the population. Financing of the program at the expense of means of the regional budget will make more than 1,1 billion roubles.

Salaries, privileges  

In Tomsk and Omsk areas since January, 1st regional laws on Veterans of work come into force. The veteran of work of the Tomsk region will RCV monthly monetary payment at a rate of 500 roubles. A rank " the Veteran of work " it will be appropriated on reaching pension age at the experience of WRK not less than 35 years 4 women and not less than 40 years 4 men.

In the Omsk region to people who fulfilled the same quantity of years and have reached of pension age, 272 roubles will be paid originally monthly, since April, 1st monthly payment is planned to increase B4 291 roubles.

In the majority of regions the question on increase in the salary to state employees since February on 14 % is solved. ABT readiness it to make already Tomsk, Kemerovo and Novosibirsk areas, the Altay and Krasnoyarsk edges have declared.

And since January, 1st the salary of all workers of kindergartens of Novosibirsk increases. The senior and younger tutors, instructors and the pedagogical personnel of municipal kindergartens, and also preschool groups of educational institutions, will RCV the extra charge 2 the salary on 2 thousand roubles monthly. Uchebno - the auxiliary and medical personnel of a garden - on 1,5 thousand, a housekeeping staff - on 1 thousand roubles.

salaries of tutors and nurses of kindergartens of Tomsk 2 increase. Since January, 1st, 2008 the salary of tutors of kindergartens will increase by 1 thousand roubles, and the income of nurses - on 500 roubles. In the first quarter of year experts of the mayoralty and deputies of a municipal duma intend to consider the problem on possibility of increase in the income of other employees of municipal kindergartens.

the Eclipse  

the Unique astronomical phenomenon - the full solar eclipse - will occur on August, 1st, 2008. On territorii Russia the strip of an eclipse in width about 250 kilometres will cross the Novosibirsk region from the north on the south and Altai. Further it will go on remote areas of China and Mongolia. In Novosibirsk the Sun total eclipse will be observed within 2 minutes of 20 seconds, on Altai - 2 minutes of 16 seconds. According to the mayoralty of Novosibirsk, this day places in all hostels of a city are already reserved. Specially 4 supervision over this unique astronomical phenomenon in a city will be