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In Tula two expensive foreign cars of the local official

Tula have burnt down, 21 aching - News, Ekaterina Pojarkova. Law enforcement bodies of Tula establish the reason of kindling of two cars belonging to the head of department on administrative - to technical supervision of a city administration, has informed News on Monday a press - secretary UMVD on the Tula area Andrey Jartsev.

As he said, state of emergency has occurred on the night of Sunday, but have informed on it just now.

" Nearby 4. 25 Moscow time on November, 20th in police department the statement for fire of a motor compartment of the car of Toyota Land ˝ruiser about the house number 18 along the street May Day in Tula W the subsequent fire of the car of Lexus has arrived. Both cars belong to Yury Panfilov " - Jartsev has told.

Earlier in a number of mass-media there was an information on ostensibly deliberate arson of cars of Panfilov. It was informed that incident is connected with professional work of the official. Management on administrative - to technical supervision over which Panfilov supervises, made active recently struggle against illegal objects of business in Tula. In particular, it is a question of illegally established trading tents, parking places, advertising carriers.

" check upon kindling Is spent. Its reasons will establish pozharo - technical expert appraisal. But, according to preliminary data, it was not an arson " - representative UMVD has told.

He 2 has added that at present statements from the victim in police department did not arrive.