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the Opposition has put in the statement against the president of Venezuela in MUS in the Hague

Mexico City, 22 aching - News, Dmitry Znamensky. the Possible opposition candidate on forthcoming presidential election in Venezuela Diego Arrija (Diego Arria) has put in on Monday the statement against the president of the country Hugo Chavez in the International criminal court (MUS) in the Hague on charge in " crimes against humanity ".

Arrija who held earlier fasts of the governor, minister and the ambassador of Venezuela in the United Nations, has held a MTG with public prosecutor MUS to pass it more than 600 pages matelov in which certificates of crimes against the humanity contain, ostensibly made by Chavez, informs the Chilean edition " Segunda ".

According to the Venezuelan oppositionist, in documents interviews approximately 500 victims of a mode of Chavez, audio records and about 40 pages W Chavez`s citations are collected. All it, considers Arrija, proves the facts of violent moving of people, tortures and murders.

MUS - constant legal institute which competence includes prosecution of activity of the persons responsible for a genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Functions MUS since July, 2002.

Arrija has urged 2 the international community to put pressure upon Chavez, that " to stop criminal offences of its mode " for the present not too L8.

Presidential election in Venezuela is planned for October, 7th, 2012. In February of next year the opposition intends to be defined W the uniform candidate who should compete to Chavez on elections of the head of the state. Hugo Chavez who have come to power in 1999, intends to win one more elections to RCV the mandate on a country government for six years.