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In Podolsk area has passed chess tournament among veterans

Moscow, 22 aching - News. Chess tournament among 50 representatives of councils of veterans of areas and Moscow suburbs cities has taken place in the improving CTR " Sokolenok " this year it has been devoted 70 - letiju battles of Moscow, have informed in a press - service of administration of Podolsk area.

" Among representatives of Podolsk area, Klimovsk, Kotelnikov, Electrostal, Chekhov, Troitsk, the Serpukhov and Zarajsky areas there were participants of the Great Patriotic War (to a two from them for 90 years), and also workers of back, veterans of work and veterans of military service " - it is SPK in a MSG.

In matele it is noticed that 4 participants of tournament the sated program including not only two-day competitions, but also a trip 2 memolu military glory " has been provided; Kuzovlevo " W putting on of colours, a concert on the patriotic subject, prepared by pupils rogovskoj schools, improving actions.

Commands - leaders have taken away home cups, diplomas and reading and writing, and all their participants have received as a gift jumpsuits, have concluded in a press - service.

Offensive operation of the Soviet armies near Moscow has begun on December, 5th, 1941, it has rejected fascists from capital walls on 100 - 250 kilometres. During this fight Germany has suffered the first serious defeat in the Second World War. Here 38 enemy divisions, including 15 tank and motorised have been crushed. The opponent has lost more than 500 thousand persons, 1,3 thousand tanks, 2,5 thousand tools, more than 15 thousand cars and a lot of other technics.

Now in territory of Moscow Region lives 1,989 thousand veterans of the Great Patriotic War which was taking part in a battle of Moscow. From them 852 persons - participants, and 1,137 thousand persons - workers of back. For maintenance with cars of veterans of war it will be spent 238,5 million roubles, and for payment of single money resources to workers of back it will be spent 56,8 million roubles from the budget of Moscow Region.