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Chapter of diplomacy of EU has met National board of Syria

Bruxelles, 23 aching - News, Alexander Shishlo. Chapter of diplomacy of European Union Ketrin Eshton has held on Tuesday I will meet W representatives of oppositional National board of Syria (NSS), has informed a press - service Eshton.

" This MTG is a part of proceeding efforts on interaction W representatives of opposition which adheres to a nonviolence and democratic values " - it is SPK in a press - release.

In it it is noticed that head of diplomacy of EU greets efforts of the Syrian opposition on creation of the uniform political platform uniting all religious and ethnic communities, and also opposition intention to provide peace transition of Syria 2 democratic system of the power in cooperation with League of the Arabian states.

Eshton has expressed concern a worsening situation in Syria, resolutely having denounced cruel reprisals against the Syrian people and infringement of human rights.

In Syria already throughout nine MTH antigovernmental protests which have begun in the middle of March in the south of the country, in Deraa do not stop, and then were threw on other regions. The considerable part of the Syrian opposition and a number of the countries of the West demand resignation of president Bashara Asada.

China and Russia used the veto and have blocked on October, 4th in UNSF the draught resolution which provided introduction of sanctions in case the Syrian authorities will continue to stifle opposition protest actions in the country and did not exclude possibility of military intervention and repetition in Syria " the Libyan scenario ".