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the Size of an oil spillage in area Rio - de - Zhanejro has decreased for 80 %

Mexico City, 23 aching - News, Elena Kargina. the Size of an oil spillage in area Rio - de - Zhanejro formed as a result of leak at drilling of a chink American ˝hevron, has decreased for 80 %, Assoshiejted the Press has reported referring to National oil agency of Brazil (ANP).


According to ANP, now the oil spillage area on a water surface makes about 2 square kilometres while on November, 18th it made 12 square kilometres. The stain continues to move from coast of Brazil, thus the authorities do not exclude that it can reach popular beaches among the tourists located 2 the east from Rio.

In turn, the company ˝hevron in the MSG has declared absence of new leak of oil on project Frade. ˝hevron will adequately react to NE payment notices from the Brazilian authorities, the company has noted. Under its data, as a result of failure to water has got about 2,4 thousand barrels of oil.

˝hevron 2 has declared that its employees have immediately reacted to a situation and have been prepared for the decision of similar problems. The company has noticed that thanks to joint efforts it was possible to minimise the size of a stain and to stop leak within four days.

According to ANP, as a result of failure to ocean since November, 7th has got more than 110 thousand gallons (about 416 thousand litres) oil. ANP notices that now the situation is under control.

˝hevron can be fined for the sum about 28 million dollars, the country government 2 will demand from the company to indemnify a loss caused by failure. Possibility of five - six additional penalties 4 the company is not excluded, 2 the country authorities can consider the problem on restriction of activity of the company in the country for some time.

˝hevron earlier has already incurred responsibility for flood. Miscalculations of pressure of oil in a diving deposit that has led to its infiltration during process of drilling of chinks became a cause of accident.

In April, 2010 in Gulf of Mexico there was one of the most serious ecological accidents connected with leaks of oil: on platform Deepwater Horizon which was in management of company BP, there was an explosion. In gulf waters has poured out about 5 million barrels of oil. To stop oil leak it was possible only by August, 4th of the same year. As a result of failure 11 persons were lost.

˝hevron is the second-large power company of the USA. The corporation carries out the activity more than in 180 countries.