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Participants " Grasp Uoll - strit " have finished a march from New York to Washington

Moscow, 23 aching - News. Participants of the action directed against financial institutions " Grasp Uoll - strit " left New York on November, 9th, on Tuesday have come to capital USA Vashington, having finished the " a march " and having passed about 386 kilometres, Assoshiejted the Press reports.

Nju - jorksky Zukotti - park have left on November, 9th no more than 20 persons, on the present in a march named " Grasp HWY " participate about 40 opponents " financial terrorism ". Not all who left Zukotti - park, have reached capital USA, however on the way to a march new people have joined.

One of participants of a march to which time often there were rains, and it was cold enough, has passed all way W/ O footwear.

Active workers assert that the march was a success, as they managed to acquaint with the movement purposes " Grasp Uoll - Strit " inhabitants of countryside.

the Action " Grasp Uoll - strit " started in New York on September, 17th. Protesting have opposed unemployments, politicians of the authorities and financial institutions, naming them " financial terrorists ". They consider that operate on behalf of the majority of the population of the USA (from here one of movement names - " 99 % "). Soon similar actions have begun in a number of other countries of the world, including in Canada, Australia, Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain.