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the Tax to possession of cars can be abolished in Mexico

Mexico City, 23 aching - News, Dmitry Znamensky. the Authorities of capital federal district of Mexico are going to cancel the tax to possession of cars which now brings in budgets of all states of Mexico in total for a year about 25 billion peso (2 billion dollars) since 2012, the head of the government of district Marselo Ebrard (Marņelo Ebrard) has informed.

As he said, necessary amendments to tax laws which should be brought on November, 30th in regulatory authorities 4 consideration and the statement already are now developed.

Ebrard has especially underlined that it is a question of cancellation of the tax 4 the private persons owning cars, except for class cars " a suite " for which the tax on - former will be raised.

In 2010 the president of Mexico Felipe Calderon has made decision to cancel the transport tax to new cars. The given measure has been directed on stimulation of purchase of new cars and a conclusion of motor industry from crisis, term of its action has been limited on December, 31st, 2011.

Motor industry in Mexico occupies one of leading places in economy, its share in gross national product makes 20 %. More than 11 % of able-bodied population of Mexico work at car assembly factories of the leading world automobile companies.

At the same time while there is not clear a situation W the ecological tax, which else name " the green tax ". Under the offer of the government of the district, made even in the summer, this ecological gathering should compensate partially dropping out incomes of cancellation of the tax to possession of vehicles. For a year the federal district of Mexico RCVed from the transport tax about six billions peso (about 500 million dollars). The Final decision on " to the green tax " it will be accepted after consultations of deputies, has informed Ebrard.

As observers mark, actions of the government of capital federal district coincide with similar decisions which have accepted or heads and other states of Mexico accept. So, according to newspaper El Universal, from 2009 13 candidates on fasts of governors of states during 19 election campaigns guaranteed to inhabitants cancellation of the tax to possession of the car.

In particular, it the selected governors of states of Koauila, Nuevo - Leon, state of Mexico City and of some others promised. However business is far not everywhere has gone further pre-election pledges. In many states governors, having analysed a situation W dropping out incomes, on - former collect the given tax, despite declared intention to relieve citizens from it. Moreover, in some places it has been AGN returned after power change as it has occurred in state of Veracruz where the new governor has entered again this tax gathering earlier cancelled by the predecessor.