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Demonstrations of supporters of the authorities and opposition have passed in Kuwait

Moscow, 23 aching - News. Supporters and opponents of the government of Kuwait on Tuesday have spent large demonstrations in the country against proceeding political crisis, France Press reports.

B4 a parliament building in capital the Ale - Kuwait thousand supporters of premieres - the minister of sheikh Nasera al - Mohammed al - Ahmed the expert - Sabaha have gathered. W national colours and portraits of the emir of sheikh Sabaha al - Ahmed the expert - Sabaha in hands they demanded to judge oppositionists who participated in an attack on a parliament building last week.

In turn, representatives of liberal opposition during the action in capital have demanded resignation of the prime minister and accused the cabinet of corruption.

the Attack on a building of Medzhlis al - Umma (parliament) of Kuwait has occurred on the night of November, 17th. After dispersal by forces of law and order of antigovernmental demonstration supporters of opposition have rushed into a building of parliament and have got into the main boardroom. There they have sung a national hymn emirata and have soon left a building.

the Opposition accuses the prime minister - the minister of use of public funds to suit the own ends. However the emir has declared earlier that oppositionists do not have right to solve a question W dismissal of the prime minister.

the Prime minister - the minister of Kuwait as well as the country government, is appointed to the post by the emir. According to tradition of premieres the expert - Sabah belongs 2 a ruling family. The country parliament is elective body.

Present 71 - the summer head of the government of Kuwait has headed the cabinet in 2006. Since then deputies of Medzhlis al - Umma some times tried to declare to it a vote of no confidence.