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Active workers " Grasp Uoll - strit " tried to prevent Obama`s performance

Washington, 23 aching - News, Denis Voroshilov. Active workers of movement " Grasp Uoll - strit " tried to prevent Barack Obama`s performance in staff of Nju - Gempshir, inform local mass-media.

Obama makes on Tuesday a trip on regions in which course tells to voters about plans of its administration on struggle against unemployment.

During performance in one of schools Nju - Hampshire - staff in which will take place the first preliminary elections within the limits of presidential campaign - the group gathered has met the president dissatisfied barrackings and tried to muffle its speech by a rumble.

" Not clearly that these people cried out. It is known that they named themselves participants of movement " Grasp Uoll - strit " - marks local TV channel.

the President has interrupted performance and W a smile has waited, while the protesting will calm down. When other part of the gathered has tried to urge to save infringers of calmness silence, Obama has told: " No, it is not necessary. That`s OK ".

" I am glad that you, guys, have expressed the opinion. Now allow to me to express the. I have listened to you, and you listen to me. You are at the bottom, on which I participated in elections (in 2008) " - the president has told.

After end of the action the audience has started to scan the slogan of election campaign of Obama " Yes We ˝an ".

earlier similar incidents happened W the spouse of the US president Michel Obama which was some days ago catcalled by spectators of auto racing NAS˝AR, and also from premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin congratulating after fight of the world champion in mixed single combats of Feodor Emeljanenko. However, by words a press - the secretary of premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskova, ugugukane fans it was addressed not to Putin, and the American sportsman Jeff Monsonu who has lost fight. The device Michel Obama in any way has not commented on incident.