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" the Proton " started from Baikonur W the European communication satellite W7

the Russian (Ei carrier rocket " the Proton - M " W the European companion of telecommunications operator Eutelsat W7 started from the cosmodrome Baikonur, the representative of Russian Space Department has informed News.

" Start has passed regularly in 17. 19 Moscow time, the branch of the foreign space vehicle is planned on Wednesday, in 1. 53 Moscow time " - the interlocutor of agency has noted.

The day before start-up has been transferred from - for organizational nestykovok between Kazakhstan and Russia that has CFMed with presence of some serious disagreements between Russian Space Department and Kazkosmosom in official procedure of maintenance of starts from Baikonur.

the National space agency of Kazakhstan EVN has accused Federal space agency of Russia of constant change of plans of starts from the cosmodrome Baikonur that, under the version of the Kazakhstan party, has led on Monday to start carrying over " the Proton " W the European communication satellite W7.

Russian Space Department has denied this data, and has declared, in turn, that the Russian side has given to the Kazakhstan partners all necessary documents in time.

the Contract on start W rocket use " the Proton - M " has been concluded by the European satellite operator Eutelsat and company International Launsh Servises Ins. (ILS). The owner of a controlling stock in ILS is state space scientifically - the industrial CTR of a name of Hrunicheva, the developer and the manufacturer of the carrier rocket " the Proton ".

Start W7 should become the eighth start-up " the Proton " in 2009 and 349 - m start in its flight history.

4 ILS start became the sixth in 2009 and 55 - m from the beginning of commercial operation of the rocket " the Proton " in April, 1996. This carrier in the fifth time was used 4 deducing of a pay load 4 company Eutelsat. Besides, it was the seventh rocket firing " the Proton " W the space vehicle made Thales Alenia Spañe.

space vehicle W7 - a new communication satellite of operator Eutelsat ñommuniñations, constructed by company Thales Alenia Spase. For today it is the most powerful companion Eutelsat which will allow to double a company resource in one of most bystrorazvivajushchihsja regions. The device will be established in a point of 36 degrees of east longitude, in one orbital position with companion W4.

By means of 70 transponderov - the repeaters forming five fixed and reaimed beams, companion W7 will provide a covering of Russia and the North Africa with a digital announcement, including paid television, and will essentially expand video market - and telecommunication services in Europe, Africa, the Central Asia and in the Near East.

Space vehicle W7 is created on the basis of platform Spañebus 4000 ñ4 and has weight more than five and a half tons. This companion will replace companion SESAT 1 started on the carrier rocket " the Proton " in the beginning of 2000.

the Beginning of commercial operation of the companion is planned for January, 2010.

Start W7 is a part of the scale program of creation of the new companions intended for preservation, updating and increase of orbital capacities of company Eutelsat. Till the end of 2011 into an orbit four more devices (W3B, KA - SAT, W3ñ and Atlantiñ Bird 7) will be deduced.