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the Rouble remained stable 2 a basket - 35,22 roubles

Moscow, 24 aching - News. the Rouble following the results of the currency auctions on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange on Tuesday remained absolutely stable 2 bivaljutnoj to a basket (0,55 dollars and 0,45 euros) - on 17. 00 Moscow time the basket cost 35,22 roubles, as well as on closing of Monday, the given stock exchanges bear.

Transactions on dollar calculations " 2MORO " on 17. 00 at level 28,78 roubles (the course remained at level of closing of Monday), on euro - 43,09 roubles (a minus 1 copeck) Moscow time have been fixed.

the Prices for oil show some decrease - December futures for mix Brent on Tuesday bargained hardly above 77 dollars against more than 78 dollars overnight.

On Forex, after some strengthening of dollar 2 euro, its stabilisation at levels of Monday is observed: 2 closing of the currency auctions in the Russian Federation euro pair - dollar bargained on a mark 1,4984 dollars for euro against 1,4987 dollars overnight.