Rus News Journal

In the Dorogomilovsky market fruit becomes cheaper, and sugar - rises in price

In a current of 4 years the Russian news agency " News " watches dynamics of the prices in the Dorogomilovsky market of capital.

summer in the heat, both the prices for fruit and berries continue to fall. A raspberry and apricots on jam " go " already on 70 roubles, and plum - on 50. Has put only behind sugar the price on which from the beginning of July has jumped up upwards on the whole 3 roubles, having come nearer to 18 roubles for kg, and by the end of July sellers of the Dorogomilovsky market plan to raise the prices for sugar still above.

meanwhile if jam for the winter can fine strike on pockets of capital mistresses marinades and solenja will manage much more cheaply. Dealers of the Dorogomilovsky market give young cabbage and carrots for 15 roubles, and cucumbers - on 10. The price for tomatoes fluctuates from 15 B4 20 roubles.

the prices for other products remain almost immutable from the beginning of summer.