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" Gazprom " has summed up activity for the first half of the year 2002

Open Society " Gazprom " has summed up activity for the first half of the year 2002.

as have informed on Monday " News " in a press - Open Society service " Gazprom " the group enterprises have extracted 264,8 mlrd gas cubic metre, 4,8 million tons of a gas condensate and 349 tys oil tons. In comparison with the similar period of last year " Gazprom " has increased gas production on 3,5 mlrd cubic metre, and extraction of a gas condensate and oil - on 73,8 tys tons.

by data a press - services, for the accounting period of time the affiliated and dependent organisations of Open Society " Gazprom " have put on home market 162,6 mlrd gas cubic metre. By gas-processing factories of the company in the first half of the year it is made 2 million 442 tys 900 tons of brimstone, 573 tys 500 tons of automobile gasoline, 795 tys 600 tons of diesel fuel that accordingly on 4,9, 4,2 and 5,4 percents exceeds similar indicators of the first half of the year 2001.

affiliated societies " Gazprom " it is put for export to the countries Western and the Eastern Europe 65,8 mlrd gas cubic metre that on 2,2 mlrd cubic metre more than for first six MTH 2001. Consumers of the CIS and Baltic countries have RCVed 46,5 mlrd gas cubic metre. In results of the similar period of last year this indicator corresponded 45,5 mlrd cubic metre.

4 maintenance of extraction of hydrocarbons and maintenance of a gain of a source of raw materials of the enterprise " Gazprom " have constructed 86 chinks. WRK on major repairs on 225 chinks are performed.

in January - June " Gazprom " Capital investments at a rate of 53,5 mlrd roubles or 38 percents from the annual task are mastered.

expenses for extraction 1 tys gas cubic metre have made 115,8 roubles that on 5,7 percents below the planned level. Expenses for transportation 1 tys cubic metre on 100 km have made 11,04 roubles that corresponds to the planned level.

according to preliminary data, net profit " Gazprom " in I half-year of this year it is estimated at a rate of 40,7 billion roubles.