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the International festival of chamber art has opened in northern city of Kostomuksha on border W Finland

Traditional, 15 - j under the bill, the international festival of chamber art has opened on Sunday in the city of Kostomuksha in the north of Kareliya.

as has informed " News " the director of festival Alexander Koktomov, in festival prinimet participation about 200 executors and musical collectives from almost all regions of Russia and also from Belarus, Austria, Argentina. Among them chorus of Moscow Patrhii " the Old Russian singsong " a string quartet of a name of Borodino, theatre of ancient ballet from Moscow, a chamber orchestra " the Hermitage " ensemble " the Tower - a quartet " Dora Shvartsberg/ a violin/, Horhe Bosso/ a violoncello/ and others.

as Koktomov has underlined, level of participants of festival every year raises, its geography extends, new names of executors, and the main thing, " open; Spectators of our small frontier small town join world art ".

the Festival will last till July, 28th.