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In Kenya the case of murder of two elephants is investigated - already detained suspected of participation in a crime

In Kenya the case of murder of two elephants is investigated.

as the correspondent " passes; News " on Monday in area Maunt Kenija in one of farms the person in whom four are found out slonovih a tusk is detained.

the Kenyan protection service of fauna suspects that the arrested person is involved in murder of elephants. According to the official representative of service Dzhoshia Achoki, most likely, he has bought tusks from poachers.

elephants are brought in " the Red book ". However the protection service of fauna of Kenya faces often enough and EVN applies fire-arms against the poachers, aspiring NE ways to catch and illegally to take out from the country an ivory. So, in April, 2002 during armed conflict W a gang of poachers - the Somalis who have killed a family from 10 elephants, employees of service have shot four gangsters.

appreciable activization of poachers recently, according to Dzhoshia Achoki, speaks that some countries aspire to create large supplies of an ivory prior to the beginning of session of the Commission on international trade in rare species of animals which will pass in November, 2002 in Chile. This international commission is the official body, called to supervise a situation W rare representatives of fauna and to accept the decisions forbidding or temporarily resolving hunting for those or other kinds of animals.

at the sessions in 1998 and 2000 the commission partially weakened the moratorium accepted in 1989 on trade slonovimi tusks. However, as experts consider, in Chile the moratorium can be restored in full.