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the Building of Palace of culture in Ulyanovsk has suffered from explosions on the Arsenal

Ulyanovsk, 27 aching - News, Ljubov Chilikova. the Building of Palace of culture of the May, 1st, one of the largest culture establishments of the Ulyanovsk region, among other buildings of Zavolzhsky area of Ulyanovsk has suffered from explosions on the Arsenal, events on November, 13th: from a blast wave in a recreation centre huge glasses which are not inserted till now have broken, the director of Palace of culture Michael Mironov has told News on Friday.

According to Mironov, on a building facade have broken about 20 glasses in the size 2 into 2,25 metres in the thickness of 8 millimetres. " WRK high-rise, is necessary technics, manually will not make " - Mironov has noted.

In a staff on liquidation of consequences CHS have informed that the amount of damage has made about 8 million roubles.

Now Palace windows are closed by plywood and a woollen fabric. Air temperature in foyer below 18 degrees. Employees of a recreation centre have transferred valuable plants to offices.

" We work not full time, CUZ in the Palace cold. I am stirred for our chorus of Russian song. It is the oldest collective under control of Vladislav Korcheva. On December, 6th in a recreation centre will pass a chorus concert on which to collective the rank of the national should be appropriated. As though from - for repair actors have not frozen " - Mironov has noted.

" And this Sunday at us will pass Day of mother " - he has added.

" When explosions in the Arsenal have begun, I was in the New city (the microdistrict in zavolzhskom area of Ulyanovsk), has called at once in a recreation centre, me have told that glasses fell down. On the ground floor we in the first night apertures have closed plywood, and on the second - the wind walked. All night long we cleaned the broken glasses, closed windows, it was impossible their opened for the night to leave " - the director has told.

As he said, some days after state of emergency did not pay ATTN CUZ first of all it was necessary to be engaged in restoration of social objects and habitation to the building which has suffered from explosions of a recreation centre of the power.

" All were engaged in houses, and we as though are not present " - the director has complained.

One of these days the staff on liquidation of consequences CHS has started to help the suffered recreation centre. " have made gaugings, from next week will start to insert glasses. In regional department of culture promised to repair Palace of culture till December, 15th " - Mironov has told.

a name recreation centre on May, 1st in the street Leningrad in microdistrict the Bottom Terrace is a unique culture establishment in Zavolzhsky area of Ulyanovsk. Here there is a concert hall on 750 places, a parquet hall 4 ballet, premises 4 circles on a choreography, the fine arts, a photolaboratory.

In a name recreation centre on May, 1st pass tournaments on it is sports - to ballroom dances, spend rehearsals about ten youth fate - groups, there is a circus studio and studio of a variety song. In total in the Palace is engaged 1,5 thousand persons. For an operating time of a recreation centre under the direction of Mironov 60 creative collectives are created.