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Passengers of trains Moscow - Petersburg hand over tickets from - for delays

Moscow, 28 aching - News. Some passengers going from the Leningrad station of Moscow to St.-Petersburg of trains hand over tickets to go by the bus, the correspondent of News broadcasts.

the Fast train " the Neva express train " following from Moscow to Petersburg, was wrecked on Friday evening in the Novgorod region. According to all available information, 30 persons were lost. Trains following to Petersburg go round a place of accident.

" At us a train in three hours, but to us have told that it will go to detour of Bologova, and there can be a delay, are going to hand over tickets and to get new on the bus for 1,3 thousand roubles " - one of passengers has told News.

the Cashier in one of cash desks where tickets for the bus are on sale, has told News that while no agiotage on tickets is present, and places on the buses going within several hours, still are.

" If there will be an agiotage, can start up and additional flights " - she has specified.

In station management could not tell, trains how much will lag behind the schedule at a detour of a place of accident.

At station on a public address system appears that the trains arriving from Petersburg, are late on the average at 10 o`clock.

the Representative of the Russian Railway has told News on Saturday that backlog from the schedule of the trains which are carrying out flights from Peter, on - former makes eight hours.

" At present 8 - hour backlog from the train diagramme is saved. Trains go on a roundabout way. It is detained about 60 trains, 27 thousand persons " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

It has reminded that to the passengers who have had an accident on " the Neva express train " and to other passengers who were at the Moscow station of St.-Petersburg, gave value added services, in particular, hot tea and benches.

Now these additional measures already are not present, as many passengers have handed over tickets, he has added.