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Abbas Moscow searches for supports at Chavez 4 a recognition of independence of Palestin

, 28 aching - News. the Head of the Palestinian national administration Mahmud Abbas has met on Friday the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez within the limits of official visit to the Latin American state on purpose to get political support 4 a recognition of the independent Palestinian state and a stop of building of the dividing constructions erected by Israel along borders of the West Bank of Jordan, informs on Saturday agency EFE.

During a MTG in the governmental palace of Miraflores in Caracas Chavez has expressed solidarity with struggle of the Palestinian people and has denounced building of the Israeli wall, having compared it W Berlin.

" Recently falling of the Berlin wall was marked, but practically nobody SPK about other walls, such as that that in Palestin, nobody wants to SPK about this wall, is equal as SPK nobody about a wall between the USA and Mexico... It is a shameful situation which any worthy person - I do not SPK the revolutionary, I SPK the worthy person, - cannot ignore " - quotes agency of a word of the Venezuelan leader.

Hugo Chavez has welcomed Abbasu whom he named " the president of the Palestinian state " Order of the Deliverer. It is the higher award of Venezuela founded in honour of the national hero of the country of the revolutionary of the Simon of Bolivar which is handed over for exclusive military and civil merits B4 the state and a society.

Besides, head PNA and the president of Venezuela have signed three memorandums: In the first areas of future cooperation PNA and Venezuela, in the second obgovarivaetsja creation of special grants 4 the Palestinian medical students, pupils in Venezuela are defined, and the third is directed on development of bilateral trade relations.

Mahmud Abbas has arrived to Venezuela in the night from Thursday to Friday and should finish visit to Saturday. During the Latin American tour which has begun last week, head PNA has already visited Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Chile W similar visits.