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Restoration of an entrance part of the Bolshoi theatre will come to the end in May, 2010

Moscow, 28 aching - News. Authorities of the capital plan to finish restoration of the main facade of a building of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia in May, 2010, the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has declared to journalists on Saturday.

" As a whole, WRK are organised and conducted according to plan. We hope to show in May, 2010 a forward part of the Bolshoi theatre " - the mayor has noted.

It has once again sounded to journalists the dream to open the Bolshoi theatre 4 visitors not in October, 2011, and before.

according to Luzhkov, some WRK on reconstruction will be made in earlier terms.

Together with it, the mayor has noted, now there are also problems, in particular, W designing.

" project institute WRK call us bewilderment. Now they terribly pull us " - the town governor has declared.

It has not excluded that 4 investigation of the reasons of a tightening of designing law enforcement bodies will be involved.

" On a broader scale, the Bolshoi theatre from a scandalous plane has passed in a plane of normal WRK " - he has added.

Now in a Bolshoi theatre building heat start-up in a historical zone that allows to spend restoration WRK of internal premises of a building is carried out. Restorers are occupied 2 by fastening and preservation of a modelled decor and painting, the modelled decor of facades and interiors, wooden designs of auditorium, smart foyers, the governmental and imperial boxes is restored.

WRK on restoration " 2 are conducted; kvadrigi Apollo " restorations of the main facade, to a reconstruction of pig-iron galleries and other WRK.

the Active phase of WRK on reconstruction and restoration of the basic building of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia has begun after theatre closing on July, 2nd, 2005.