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the Tomsk authorities ask to close night clubs from - for flu epidemics

Tomsk, 3 deck - News, Tatyana Svintsova. Vitse - the governor of the Tomsk region Yury Suhopljuev on Thursday at a MTG with representatives of night clubs of a city has asked to suspend WRK of institutions on two weeks from - for flu epidemics and ORVI, has informed a press - service of administration of the Tomsk region.

By data for December, 1st, in the Tomsk region 522 cases of disease A/ H1N1, 976 cases of disease by a flu and ORVI are registered, and in 696 from them children were ill. 20 persons have died of complications of flu A/ H1N1 in region, from them under 12 diagnoses ACK W GNTS " is RCVed; the Vector ".

" Yury Suhopljuev has met representatives of entertaining institutions of Tomsk and was converted 2 them W the request to suspend WRK on one and a half - two weeks. In connection with epidemic a regional emergency response centre on Wednesday the decision to limit carrying out of mass actions W quantity the participant from above 50 persons " is accepted; - it is SPK in a MSG.

" I Think, all understand a situation. Therefore, I hope that our request will be heard, including those who could not come 2DAY on a MTG " - quotes a press - service of a word of the assistant to the governor.

As the administration, 2 those who nevertheless will not respond to an appeal of the authorities informs, lawful measures will be accepted rigid, but. The first precedent of closing of night club in area already is. The night club is closed in village Melnikovo of Shegarsky area. During check in club infringements of rules of fire-prevention security have been revealed, as has formed the basis for its closing.

" 2 2DAY (on Thursday) Yury Suhopljuev has held working meeting on which the question on WRK restriction in region was discussed, first of all, in Tomsk of night clubs and cultural - entertaining institutions in connection with a flu epidemic and ORVI " - informs a press - service.

In June of current year the order of the governor " was accepted; ABT maintenance of control over the organisation cultural - entertaining (entertainment) actions and WRK of night clubs ". According to the document, the basis 4 stay or the termination of activity of night clubs and entertaining institutions is, in particular, infringement of requirements of fire-prevention security by them and sanitary - epidemiological rules.

" All legal grounds 4 introduction of restriction at us are. Therefore all need to execute simply earlier made decisions " - Suhopljuev has declared at meeting.

In Tomsk 4 check of activity of night clubs and entertaining institutions it is created five working groups into which experts of the Department of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Measures, Rospotrebnadzora, the mayoralties of Tomsk and control committee of administration of the Tomsk region have entered. They will begin checks since Friday. 2 it is entrusted to heads of municipal unions of area to organise checks of discos and night clubs.