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the Figurant of the first business ABT " the Neva express train " has challenged a sentence on a bribe

GREAT Novgorod, 4 deck - News, Andrey Letjagin. Accused of participation in blasting " the Neva express train " in 2007 the inhabitant of Ingushetia Salambek Dzahkiev has appealed against in board on criminal cases of the Novgorod regional court against a sentence on a bribe to inspector SKP, taken out to it on November, 24th, 2009 in the Novgorod city court, the representative of city court has informed on Friday of News.

" In the appeal Dzahkiev has declared again the innocence " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

Date of consideration of the cassation is not known yet. " possibly, the complaint will be already considered in 2010 " - the representative of city court has added.

As he said, cassations from the second figurant of business ABT attempt of bribery and from its lawyer did not arrive yet.

the Fast train Moscow - St.-Petersburg " The Neva express train " has been undermined under the Novgorod city Small Vishera on August, 13th, 2007, 60 persons have suffered, victims were not. Over an investigation team on the case of act of terrorism in 2007 - 2008 inspector SKP Nikolay Ushchapovsky supervised. In October, 2007 on suspicion in participation in act of terrorism Dzahkiev has been detained. The Moscow lawyer Magomed Razakov became defender Dzahkieva.

Razakov has been caught red-handed on July, 4th, 2008 by transfer to one of members of an investigation team of a bribe 4 Ushchapovsky at a rate of more 1 million roubles for clearing of Dzahkieva of responsibility. Action by a part two articles 291 and by a part three articles 30 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (bribery attempt) has been brought.

Process on business in court of Great Novgorod has begun on June, 23rd, 2009. Dzahkiev fault did not recognise, Razakov recognised it partially. The court has sentenced Dzahkieva to two years to four MTH of imprisonment in a standard regime penal colony, and Razakova - by two years to two MTH.