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Term of operation MKS can be prolonged till 2020 - Russian Space Department

Moscow, 5 deck - News. the States-participants of the project of the International space station (MKS) at an annual MTG in April, 2010 will consider the problem on prolongation of term of operation of station till 2020, the head of Russian Space Department Anatoly Perminov has informed on Saturday to journalists.

" Full clearness in NASA programs while is not present till now. However the head of NASA personally promised to me that at a MTG of the countries - participants of project MKS which will take place in April, 2010, we will necessarily discuss a question on prolongation of term of operation MKS W 2011 till 2020 " - Perminov has told.

For 2010 the program of WRK of station is already confirmed, he has added.