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the Former police officers have RCVed 32 years for two for murder

Ulyanovsk, 7 deck - News, Ljubov Chilikova. the Ulyanovsk regional court has sentenced the former employees of department of the private security, accused of murder of the student of the Ulyanovsk state university, to imprisonment long terms, the senior assistant administrator SKP on area Alexander Sorokin has informed on Monday. " court session on which the sentence has been pronounced, has taken place in the end of last week " - he has told.

According to Sorokin, the body 26 - the summer student W violent death signs was revealed on December, 15th last year on river bank Svijagi near to boat station. This very day the Zasvijazhsky investigatory department of investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation has filed criminal charges.

Throughout two MTH investigating bodies and operative divisions of law-enforcement bodies conducted searches involved in this crime - acquaintances killed, inhabitants of applying areas were interrogated. It is investigatory - the operative group has done considerable volume of other WRK, including involved experts of management of special technical actions of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ulyanovsk region.

Inspectors have established that murder of the student was made by two employees of department of private security of the Department of Internal Affairs on Zasvijazhsky area of Ulyanovsk Valentine Chizhenkov and Paul Pondjakov who was at execution of functions.

L8 at night the autopatrol which structure included Chizhenkov and Pondjakov, has detained the young man who as it seemed to them, was in an alcohol intoxication. Having searched the student, militiamen have found out at it two cellular telephones then have decided to steal them, however the arrested person has shown to them resistance and has demanded to return TEL.

After that, one of police officers has clasped and has compressed a neck of the young man W force, and the second began to keep his hands.

From sdavlenija necks the victim has fainted, then militiamen have gone on coast Svijagi and have thrown were W/ O consciousness, but still the live victim in water.

the Court recognised as sufficient the proofs collected by department on investigation especially of important issues SKP on area, 4 a conclusion ABT guiltliness of Chizhenkova and Pondjakova in fulfilment of the crimes provided by points " " " 2 " parts of 2 articles 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the murder made by a group of persons, on purpose to hide other crime) and points " and " " in " Parts of 3 articles 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the excess of powers of office made W application of violence).

Stolen TEL Pondjakov is recognised by guilty as well in a robbery (a part 1 article 161 of the criminal code of Russian Federation).

the Sentence of court to it appoints punishment in the form of 17 years of imprisonment, and Chizhenkovu - 15 years of imprisonment in a high security colony.