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Doctors still search for causes of illness of volleyball player Safronovoj

Moscow, 7 deck - News. Doctors of institute of a name Sklifosovsky still try to define the nature of disease of volleyball player Natalia Safronovoj, the general director Moscow " has told News; the Dynamo " Vladimir Zinichev.

On Wednesday, on December, 3rd, 30 - the summer sportswoman has fainted on training of the capital command and has been urgently delivered at first in Bronstein`s close to base " the medical CTR; the Dynamo " and then in institute Sklifosovsky. Since then Safronov is in resuscitation nejrohirurgicheskogo branches.

" Natalia Status on - former stably heavy, - was noted by Zinichev. - the Exact diagnosis I cannot name, I can tell only that the problem is connected with brain vessels. Doctors now try to find out the nature of the disease which have entailed such status as no preconditions in the form of traumas at it existing ".

Safronov - the world champion - 2006 as a part of Russian national team.