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Suspected of murder of the assistant to the deputy of the State Duma One of figurants of business ABT murder in March of this year of the assistant vitse - the speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Alexey Beljaeva - the native of Dagestan Ahmed Magomedov recognised the fault

- on Tuesday at the first session of a repeated legal investigation by Moscow City Court recognised fault in commission of crime and has declared that murder became response to sexual harassments from the dead, the correspondent of News from a court hall broadcasts.

the Public prosecutor has announced final charge according to which Magomedov has put Beljaevu of 45 knife wounds then in common with the second figurant of business - the native of Uzbekistan Avar Igamberdievym - has stolen from apartment of a victim of value for the sum over 28 thousand roubles.

Igamberdiev the fault in fulfilment of theft made to it does not recognise.

Magomedov Yury Efimenkov`s Lawyer has informed journalists that its client has arrived to Moscow approximately a month before  destruction of Beljaeva.

" It worked on building, but has been urged to leave therefrom from - for nonpayments of money due to it " - the lawyer has told.

the Lawyer has explained that after dismissal from the building company, Magomedov has placed the announcement of job search on the Internet.

" Beljaev left on Magomedov through the Internet, and within approximately ten days they communicated, then Beljaev has invited Magomedov 2 itself to apartment and has made there to its the indecent proposal which Magomedov has regarded as provocation " - Efimenkov has told.

the Lawyer has specified that, agrees matelam affairs, the corpse of Beljaeva has been found out W/ O clothes and W a considerable quantity chipped and rezanyh the knife wounds.

" Harassment of Beljaeva explains Magomedov`s reaction, quantity of blows and character of murder " - Efimenkov has told.

the Representative of the state charge dialogue with journalists has refused.

Beljaev was Alexander Babakova`s assistant from fraction " Fair Russia ".

By the first legal investigation, in August, 2009, the court has sentenced the accused Ahmed Magomedov to 15 years of a colony, and Avar Igamberdieva - 2 two and a half to years of imprisonment. However the Sovereign court of the Russian Federation has cancelled this sentence and has directed business on new consideration.

Murder of the assistant vitse - the speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation > >

Under the version of the investigation, the inhabitant of Dagestan Magomedov, being in apartment of the victim, from mercenary promptings has attacked it and has struck plural blows by a knife. From the RCVed wounds Beljaev has died on the spot incidents.

After murder of Beljaeva, Magomedov, together with the citizen of Uzbekistan Igamberdievym, have stolen property of Beljaeva for a total sum of 28,58 thousand roubles, the charge party confirms.

to Magomedov the part of 2 articles 105 and article 162 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (murder and the robbery made W causing of heavy harm to health of the victim), the maximum possible punishment - twenty years of imprisonment or a life imprisonment, and Igamberdievu - a part of 2 articles 158 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (theft), punishment - till five years of imprisonment is made.

Following session on business will take place on December, 9th. Predictably, interrogation of witnesses and research of written proofs will be continued.