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GD Moscow, 9 deck - News raises penalties for infringement of rules of aviasecurity

. the State Duma at session on Wednesday has passed in the third, definitive reading the law on increase of the size of penalties for infringement of rules of aviation security and about introduction new, in particular, for disobedience to the commander.

Amendments are brought in the Code of the Russian Federation ABT administrative offences.

the Law enhances the responsibility for damage of the equipment of airdrome, helicopter platforms or landing strips, the aircraft, infringement of an order of the organisation of movement of special transport at the airports. Punishment for infringement of rules of installation day and night markirovochnyh signs and the devices necessary for flights of aircrafts, - signs and lanterns on high-rise buildings, transmission lines increases.

new article according to which being onboard the person for default of lawful orders of the commander of the aircraft are punished by the penalty from 2 thousand B4 5 thousand roubles or administrative arrest for the term up to 15 days Is entered.

the Penalty for alcohol drinking aboard will increase W 500 B4 700 roubles.

new collectings, including for the admission aboard the plane the person, luggage, mail, onboard stocks which have not taken place examination, or subjects or the substances forbidden 2 transportation by aircrafts Are entered.

For soar by the plane having malfunctions W which flight performance is forbidden, the commander of the aircraft will be punished by the penalty in 2 - 2,5 thousand roubles or right deprivation to operate plane for the term up to one year.

For deliberate concealment of aviation incident or incident on citizens it is offered to impose the penalty in 2 - 5 thousand roubles, on officials - 4 - 10 thousand roubles, on legal bodies - 20 - 50 thousand roubles.