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Russian national team in Vancouver will be accompanied an order of 30 physicians

by Moscow, 10 deck - News. Russian national team on winter Olympic games in Vancouver will accompany an order of 30 medical workers, the deputy chief of department of the organisation of sports medicine Federal mediko - biological agency (FMBA) Igor Vyhodets has informed News.

" To Vancouver there will go joint delegation. In - the first, it is doctors, masseurs of national teams of Russia who concern the Ministry of sports and sports federations, and also leading experts FMBA on regenerative treatment. This question is already co-ordinated W OKR " - the Native has told.

" there Will be a uniform powerful brigade, - the interlocutor of agency has continued. - while it is supposed that into it will enter hardly more than 30 medical workers, but 2DAY all depends on quantity of sportsmen which will go to Vancouver ".

Now, as he said, in a national team 193 sportsmen, but the definitive structure will be generated on the threshold of Games.

" basically the delegation will be made by doctors who work W commands throughout the long period of time. Plus doctors of regenerative medicine, physiatrists, experts of manipulation, masseurs. That is those experts who are necessary 4 restoration of sportsmen between trainings and competitions. Just that is necessary on the Olympic games " - the Native has underlined.

W paralimpijskoj Russian national team will go about ten medical workers. " 2 the medical delegation on Paralimpiadu - doctors, masseurs is generated. It too is completed by all necessary. While the question on exact quantity of delegation dares, but into it will enter an order of 10 persons " - he has told.

the Interlocutor of News has told that all candidates for an Olympic team passed inspection within a year, and any serious problems has not been revealed.

" the Winter command at us is surveyed within a year. Now all sportsmen are at competitions out of Russia and B4 the Olympic Games will not appear any more, but by all medical maintenance, including medicines, BUDS, reducers are provided. Preparation goes according to plan, without undue incident " - he has noticed.

According to the standard plan, sportsmen pass profound medical examinations twice a year - in the spring and in the autumn.

" the Spring 4 representatives of winter sports is an inter-season period, look, how the organism has transferred the next season. In the autumn inspection passes after all introduction and preparatory periods, directly ahead of the beginning of the basic season. Inspections pass on-line. Earlier four Moscow clinics were engaged in it. At delegation of power FMBA in Moscow it is already prepared an order of six central leading CTRs " - the interlocutor of agency has informed.

During holiday sportsmen 2 do not remain W/ O supervision of doctors. According to the Native, all sportsmen are attributed 2 establishments FMBA which are practically in all regions of Russia.

" ANY1 sportsman will know where to be converted in case of any problem. Our CTRs will carry out situation monitoring, the immemorial problem " here again acts in film; neglects " the sportsman when it is out of the centralised gathering " - it has explained.

Expert FMBA has added that absolutely W/ O difficulties during preparation for the Olympic Games in Vancouver has not managed.

" Unfortunately, some children are injured, as one of these days the perspective sportsman in freestyle (Ruslan Sharifullin). It is a pity, but, most likely, it will pass the Olympic Games " - the Native has complained.

Experts FMBA watch closely that doctors 2 whom sportsmen are converted, knew, what preparations are included into the list forbidden, and in due time informed that appoint the ward.

" We prosecute a subjects of supply of doctors and commands preparations which should not bear in itself any making of the forbidden list which will enter in January, 2010 force. Are already prepared mately 4 mailing and carrying out of actions in clinics that doctors 2 whom sportsmen get, knew about existence of the forbidden list. Knew that if AOTS under vital indications introduction of this or that forbidden preparation is necessary for the sportsman, they informed at once in our uniform information centre that, co-operating W Minsporta and RUSADA, it was possible to prepare documents on therapeutic use of preparations " - the Native summarised.