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the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection suggests to sell not structured debts of the enterprises

As he said, " we suggest to expose on sale debts of those enterprises (W/ O a fine and penalties) which have not gone on re-structuring of the debts against budgetary system ". According to the minister, " this idea - absolutely new ".

He has specified that excitation bankrotnogo manufactures concerning the enterprises - debtors who have not gone on re-structuring of the debt, is procedure long and concerning inefficient. The minister has underlined that on the average across Russia as a result of application 2 the debtor of procedure of bankruptcy the budget RCVs 7 copecks from ANY1 rouble of back taxes. At the same time in the event that debts of the enterprises will be exposed on sale, the budgetary system can RCV an order 40 - 50 percents from back taxes exposed on the auctions.

The Minister has not excluded that the right of purchase of debts can be given both Russian, and to foreign legal bodies. Bukaev believes that 4 realisation of these offers it is necessary to bring respective alterations in the legislation.