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For four years qualifying boards have stopped powers of 342 judges

For four years qualifying boards have stopped powers of 342 judges for fulfilment of the acts discrediting honour and worthiness of the judge. ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " has informed on Friday on a press - conferences in Media - the newspaper CTR " News " the chairman of the council of judges of Russia Yury Sidorenko.

Thus he has noticed that in 89 percents cases it has been made at the initiative of representatives of the most judicial community, 5 percents - under complaints of citizens, and only 6 percents - on representation of Office of Public Prosecutor.

Sidorenko has declared that judicial community " does not object to that judges should bear responsibility for a crime, an administrative crime, wrongdoings and unethical behaviour ". At the same time he is convinced that 4 judges should be " special procedure " bringing to account.

Participating 2 in a press - conferences the vice-president of the Sovereign court of the Russian Federation Victor Zhujkov, has in turn reminded that else in 1996 the Constitutional Court of Russia has accepted the decision on this question in which has established that inviolability of judges is not the personal privilege, and a necessary condition of independence of court. Thereupon Zhujkov has declared that representatives of judicial community intend to achieve, that by consideration in the second reading of the law " ABT the status of judges " which has been the day before postponed for November, 21st, have passed the amendments brought by the Sovereign court of Russia.

the sovereign court suggests to leave the former mechanism of attraction of judges 2 a criminal liability and not to enter concerning judges administrative responsibility. Representatives of judicial authority act 2 against restriction of a term of appointment of chairmen of the courts 4 - mja and 6 - ju as years.

According to Zhujkova, the position of the Sovereign court finds understanding at many deputies. In a case if the State Duma approves of the amendment of the president prepared by working group of Dmitry Kozaka, Zhujkov has not excluded that VS will be converted into the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation.