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On Monday year as has died " was executed exactly; the poet of museum business " Alexander Zinovevich Crane

On Monday in A.S.Pushkin`s State museum has opened memolnyj an office of the outstanding art worker of the XX-th century of Alexander Zinovevicha Crane. On November, 12th year as the father " has died is executed exactly; the Moscow Pushkin house "/ so admirers of talent of the greatest Russian poet/ name a museum.

In most " frivolous day " - Alexander Zinovevich on Prechistenka, 12 on April, 1st has come. But this date has not affected in any way its relation to WRK, Crane " has given " the museum has more than 40 years of life. It has brought the invaluable contribution in " annals " museum business, cardinally having changed a sight at WRK " storehouses " cultural - historical values. Crane has been assured that museums - not stiffened form, and constantly changing structure. Viability of a museum is defined by its innovative ideas and constant pressing forward to go FWD, he considered.

" the beauty and fidelity of the theory consists in its simplicity " - Albert Einstein SPK. Alexander Crane adhered to the same rule. The exposition should not be " florid and bulky ". Laconicism and availability - here a basis of museum business, were bequeathed by it young " to museum talents " Russia.

" the poet of museum business " name Crane of its colleague. 4 many directors of the Russian museums it was more than the teacher. Its two books are considered till now as the best " textbooks " on WRK in a museum.

" very few people remembers, what works it was necessary to Alexander Zinovevichu to open one of the museums of capital most popular 2DAY, - has shared with the correspondent " News " the known Pushkin scholar, Doctor of Philology Valentine Nepomnyaschy. - Crane was very vulnerable and fragile nature, however in WRK it kept as the true commander ".

Pochtit Crane`s memory have arrived heads of museums of Russia, Poland, Ukraine and other countries. They will assign flowers 2 its tomb on the Don cemetery, and then in A.S.Pushkin`s apartment Memolnoj on Arbate Alexander Zinovevicha`s memorial evening will take place.