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Cosmonauts Vladimir Dezhurov and Frenk Kalbertson prepare on MKS for extravehicular activity

. At the international space station/ MKS/ there is begun preparation for extravehicular activity of Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Dezhurova and the astronaut of the USA, the commander 3 - j constant expedition on MKS Frenka Kalbertsona. ABT it to the correspondent " News " have informed on Monday in the Russian Command control centre flights/ TSUP/.

Cosmonauts CK tightness of the 150 - kilogramme survival suits, spend them dosushku and verify the schedule of forthcoming WRK in a free space W instructions and recommendations of the Earth, have noted in TSUPe. Extravehicular activity will take place on the night of Tuesday in 00. 01 - 00. 05 Moscow time. Rbshchee time of abiding of cosmonauts in a space will make about 6 hours.

according to experts TSUPa, cosmonauts should prepare the radar-tracking system " the Course " 4 joining W the Russian mooring " the Pier " Cargo on station cargo and piloted spaceships. For this purpose it is necessary to establish the aerial and to connect to it necessary cables and equipment. Besides, cosmonauts will test the cargo arrow established about this mooring, intended for unloading of the ships. They 2 will CK WRK of new solar batteries and will make their filming.

" the third crewman - Michael Tyurin - will observe of their WRK and podstrahovyvat their actions in a free space " - have noted in TSUPe.