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Serious break in relations of Russia and the USA Sergey Stepashin the reached arrangements at Vladimir Putin and George Bush`s MTG

the Arrangements reached at negotiations of Vladimir Putin and George Bush names, is " serious break " in relations of Russia and the USA. Such opinion as the correspondent " passes; News " the chairman of Audit Chamber Sergey Stepashin has voiced on Wednesday in conversation with journalists.

as he said, in many respects thanks to Vladimir Putin`s efforts, Johnson`s amendment - Venika has been removed. " Now Russia has the right to SPK about absolutely other configuration of relations within the limits of the European Union and the NATO " - the chairman of Audit Chamber is convinced. In its opinion, at the Russian state for this purpose is not only economic, but also the political bases.

in turn the vice-president of budgetary committee of the Federation Council Valery Goregljad has declared that cancellation of the amendment of Johnson - Venika " Russia will feel in the near future on the basic economic indicators ". As to the arrangement on reduction of strategic offensive arms, as he said, it " good will " shown by both states, " has support both American, and the Russian population ". Thus the senator has underlined that Russia and so should reduce the strategic offensive arms, as " there was their obvious overabundance ". " And EVN the minimum quantity of such arms always will be a deterrent " - he is convinced.

the chairman of economic committee of the upper chamber, the governor of St.-Petersburg Vladimir Jakovlev adheres to similar opinion also. SPK about the last negotiations of presidents of Russia and the USA, he has noted " obvious and appreciable rapprochement of positions ". " As to reduction of nuclear potential this process and so already goes for a long time as always in relations of two states there should be compromises and Russia it is ready to go on them " - Jakovlev has told.