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“Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series”: the Monster

670 h.p. which gives out “ Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series ” you any more does not suffice? Then pay attention to the 1.015-strong monster constructed on the basis of this model.

ATTEMPTS to increase capacity of most “loaded“ mersedesovskogo coupes undertook many tuning companies. However serious successes did not achieve. Five-step “automatic machine“ became a stumbling-block: capacity of 670 h.p. and a monstrous twisting moment of 1.000 Nanometers were for it a limit.

therefore completion “SL65 AMG Black Series” in the German company MKV began with transmission. Actually the gear box has been created anew: masters strengthened in it everything that was possible, applying high-strength grades of the alloyed steel and composit materials. Besides, by the car there was a new differential of the raised friction, and the final drive parity steals up at will of the customer.

then undertook the engine. Replacing two turbokompressora with more productive, changing the form of cams on camshafts, pereproshiv the program of steering of the motor, and also finishing cooling and release systems, experts MKV raised kickback six-litre V12 to inconceivable 1.015 h.p.

However, peak of a twisting moment because of fears for safety of transmission nevertheless limited at level 1.300 Hì (without an electronic collar the motor gave out more than 1.500 Nanometers). Dynamic possibilities of a coupe will be envied even by the most powerful sportbajki: car (with “the accelerating“ final drive) exchanges first “hundred“ for 3,6 with, the boundary in 200 km/h overcomes for 8,9 with, and to 300 km/h is dispersed for 21,5 with. The maximum speed of this monster is not disclosed yet, but at a rough guess it reaches 370 km/h.