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BMW X1: It is small, but it is strong

258 horsepowers for “ BMW X1 ”

the dream of admirers of the smallest Bavarian crossover &ndash Came true; now it can be got and with the gasoline engine. Six cylinders, three litres of volume and 258 horsepowers in a combination to an all wheel drive guarantee that pleasure at the wheel which is declared by BMW company.

... The SELECTOR “ the automatic machine ” in a position “ Drive ”. The On-board computer warns that external temperature about zero – the road can be slippery. However, “ BMW X1 ” it is indifferent – from a place on wet asphalt he acts in film without the slightest hint on a slipping. And after all I disconnected in advance stabilisation system, hoping to add in adrenaline blood. A firm all wheel drive “ xDrive ” the business knows, and it the desire of the driver to pass ten-other turning movements in hazardous drift a little interests. So, easy drift and there and then – stabilisation; the car reliably clings to asphalt all four wheels. M-yes, it is necessary to forget about drifts. However and at such “ obedience ” the car gives frank pleasure from driving.

the three-litre engine as if is thought specially up for a compact crossover. Pleasant overloads on start, instant, but thus a notable gear shift – all in the best traditions of the Bavarian concern. Also it is necessary to notice that “ X1 ” despite bolshy the weight, almost does not concede on dynamic characteristics “ BMW 330i ” from which it borrowed the motor. A difference in dispersal to “ hundreds ” only 0,6 with – the real nonsense, especially if to consider that is a difference between a sedan and an off-road car, let even compact.

left on a highway. The arrow of a tachometre almost constantly keeps in rpm sector 6.000-7.000 – in these limits at the full capacity work all 258 “ horses ” the engine. And to tell it “ tpru! ” does not arise the slightest desire, the blessing that a line empty and GAI officers with a radar on horizon too it is not visible. Here peace officers would be delighted, seeing on the screen of the device the same figures what I observe on a speedometer “ X1 ”...

Alas, drajverskoe the happiness is not eternal. Ahead there are cars – both passing, and passers, – and I smoothly dump speed. Any negative emotions because of it does not appear – on “ X1 ” as, actually, on the majority of cars of BMW, it is possible “ to fire on all money ” and it is possible to float grandly on asphalt waves. As it is pleasant to you more or as that is demanded by road conditions. Certainly, sometimes you squeeze out a pedal of gas more deeply to revive the haughty owner of the big off-road car or “ loaded ” a hatchback, but all – within the limits of traffic regulations. Besides the moderate rhythm of movement allows to save not bad on gasoline. I will not begin to say lies that kept within 7,3 l/100 of km declared by Bavarians, but ten litres on “ one hundred ” for all time of test drive did not exceed. And not especially trying to protect fuel.

so at admirers “ 1 ” now there is a choice between diesel and petrol versions. What it is pleasant to you more?.