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Mad Max

200 forces new “ Yamaha V-Max ”

For today it is most powerful of produced in lots bajkov. Developing (mhatovskaja a pause...) 200 h.p. And its twisting moment at all to what to compare in the world of motorcycles – 166,8 Nanometers. Add to it dispersal to “hundred“ less than for three seconds - and you get some idea about new “V-Max“ from “Yamaha“.

At me with “maksami“ relations warm - in their my garage since 1995 visited four. Certainly, the most powerful copies. For the inquiry: at this model was three versions - the European “strangled“ to 100 h.p., the 140-strong American and, at last, “V-Max” from Canada,

Its V-shaped “four“ in volume of 1.200 cubic sm overtook giving out 145 h.p. the century, and at the same time and running which ruggedness obviously did not suffice for the 145-strong motor. If you opened gas “on all money” at switching from the third drive on the fourth powerful engine rigidly connected by a cardan with a rear wheel, twisted a weak frame the screw and in a front wheel the evil spirit was installed. Motorcycle easily could “scatter“ on ascending amplitude with a pitiable outcome for the passenger. One my colleague, malicious on language, called this bajk “kuvaldoletom“ and in general was near from true. But “Vi-Maksu“ as to any star, moreover devilishly beautiful, much said goodbye, especially for malicious starts from traffic lights. Almost quarter of the century was not to it in this discipline equal...

But as it has been written on black smaragde a ring of tsar Solomona, all passes. Approached to a decline and the Golden Age of this model. It was necessary new “V-Max”. And here it appeared.

the successor of a nice sort

the SADDLE with a familiar convincing thrust block under the fifth point accepted me as native. At former “V-Max” was almost same. No less than a cover falshbaka. The mouth of the present gasoline tank, is more correct than a tank in which is located only 15 l of fuel, settles down just under a seat.

I turn the ignition key. By the way, from the employee of Russian representation “Yamaha“ I received it in a firm boot with an emblem in the form of the crossed tuning forks. It is supposed that “Max“ owner will carry this original charm on a belt. Even when on foot goes - all see, what motorcycle at the person …

the Arrow huge as if a fireplace clock, a tachometre left in a red zone and smoothly returned back. For an instant flashes the impressive size blinker which can be adjusted on those turns of the engine at which you more comfortably to switch drives. The test of devices is finished. On a screen - a very narrow embrasure in a cover falshbaka - the boastful greeting from “most remarkable“ was highlighted (if I correctly translated into Russian) a motorcycle Yamaha V-Max”, and only after that there was data of level of fuel and cooling fluid temperature. Interesting, of what designers thought, placing so actual indications in such narrow crack? Try make out them for the speed under 200 km/h! However, at former V-Max” on this place the tiny tachometre in size about iron rouble - too not the best variant took place...

What for on the move to look out for gasoline level? Yes in order that at a 15-litre tank it is extremely important information. Well, at former “Max“ the tank was the same volume. But the motor - 1.200“cubes”, and here - almost 1.700. As they say, feel a difference. And I felt it. Running forward, I want to warn at once the future owners new V-Max”: this handsome man does not know such concept, as the gasoline expense. It it simply whips litre behind litre, with pleasure having a snack a rear cylinder. At least on three of five drives at good opening of gas I distinctly heard constant popiskivanie a wheel scrolled with everything, excuse, nonsenses of two hundred “horses“. I could not naradovatsja on a mighty cardan of a motorcycle - be on its place of a chain, they should be changed hardly probable not after each trip. And what to speak about tyre covers! On the odometer run only 3.500 km, and two thirds of rubber already died …

Travelling notes

the MOTOR at new V-Max” is devilishly beautiful. Any who is able to appreciate the fine agrees with it. All covers, up to small lids of camshafts, are covered galvanikoj colours of old gold. All details, even the smallest, are executed in good style and tshchaniem. I the person caustic, can to find, as they say, in a fast Russian cabbage soup beef, but here to carp there was nothing.

the Verified proportions of a motorcycle allowed to be pushed complacently (the blessing the engine allowed) in city medley of cars - a wheel and mirrors almost always passed in narrow cracks between numbers of cars. Actually, I worried more, as though not to hurt the thick grandiose “double-barrelled guns“ of the muffler which defiantly are sticking out on either side of bajka.

Nakarkal! On the Third transport ring such dead traffic block, what even on a motorcycle not to make the way. In dense overalls 28-degree heat is felt especially well. Well here, and on a scale the temperature indicator spread upwards. As so, after all at “Max“ two radiators, big and small, everyone with the fan, and the cooling fluid suffices to fill small pool … I had not time to think of it as both fans were cut at once, and the temperature instantly settled into shape.

but generally to be dragged on such motorcycle on the overfilled capital streets - the pleasure has not enough. As it weighs for three hundreds kgs - try povorochat these three centners among standing cars. Besides, what for to you, it is asked, in a plug of 200 horsepowers?

Other business - a line like Moscow ring. Absolutely early in the morning, when on MKAD is where to clear up. Here for the sake of it it is necessary to live. Truly, all go, as can, and I - as want.

the motor at new V-Max” is bearing and together with a mighty aluminium frame forms the extremely rigidly stuck running. The classical front plug with record diameter of feathers 52 mm is regulated both on compression, and on a release. It is clear, why jamahovskie engineers chose such variant:“ Turned ”the plug with its thin resetting not for long would serve at 330 kg of live weight of a motorcycle, not including weights of the passenger, moreover with the passenger. At the rear monoabsorber are regulated podzhatie springs and degree of ruggedness of hydraulics. And resettings for the sake of convenience and speed of adjustment are placed on each side a passenger seat.

in general - quite modern and as now speak, the advanced running. On a straight line, at passing or sharp maneuver it is almost faultless. Here only on bends me strained excessive povorachivaemost a motorcycle a little. It as though itself, without my participation, still a little dovorachival in turning movement. Basically no trouble, to this feature quickly you get used, but it should be considered.

brakes - above any praises. In front - two figured disks on 320 mm soundly taken by six-piston buckles. In each of them, as in sports calipers, on four brake blocks: Two big (on them press four buckets) and pair small, press them two buckets. When it is necessary to brake smoothly, small pads work; when sharp slowdown is required - the big will be involved. This brake gear together with a rear 298-millimetric disk stops 330-kilogramovuju a large object since the maximum speed as if a fuzz.

and dynamics! Never before I tested anything similar, never my motorcycle zashvyrivalo for horizon so easily and quickly. And never I still so did not regret that motors can be bridled now electronic “bridle“. Well such 220 km/h - speed to modern measures completely not fantastic … That can really amaze, so it, forgive for a tautology, that speed from what this speed is reached. Such sensations are difficult for passing words, but nevertheless I will try...

Present - I trudge to myself on the sly, on the fifth drive, on a free line, on the display of 140-150 km/h. The engine purrs in big-bellied tubes of the muffler about something the, about the Japanese. In a word, I take pleasure from slow (in understanding mad “M