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In the mid-eighties Nissan Motor in the strict secret nachalaproektirovanie and preparation for manufacture essentially novogoavtomobilja the higher class for the North American market. Istorijaumalchivaet about authorship of this idea, but in 1989 was predstavlenamodel Infiniti Q45.


Since autumn of 1996 there was absolutely original working out Q45, kotorajapredlagaetsja with the updated design and V-shaped 8 tsilindrovymdvigatelem a working volume of 4,1 l. Infiniti expands the modelnyjrjad, engaging in it cross-country vehicle QX4 - roskoshnyjpolnoprivodnoj a variant of model Terrano.


Compact front-wheel Infiniti G20 it is created on platform Primera. of the cardinal restyling spent in 1998 avtomobilvnov began to use steady demand among buyers - Americans of middle class. Cross-section established 2,0-litrovyjdvigatel develops 140 h.p.


Infiniti I30 Presented in 1999 (platform Cefiro/Maxima of generation) has been recognised by one of the best sovremennyhavtomobilej the North America. Traditional for the stamp luxury of interior iidealno the adjusted running gear are added by perfectly well uravnoveshennym240-strong 3,0-litre engine, with ease dispersing avtomobildo 240 km/h. To Europe of Infiniti I30 it is not delivered.


Leader Q45 is presented 2001 modelling years on nju-jorkskomavtosalone. Massive and at the same time aggressive design of a body prizvanpodcherknut respectability: from original elements it is possible otmetitbolshie trapezoid reflectors of headlights, wide chromeplated oblitsovkuradiatora and very high line of a lateral glass cover. Interior otdelandorogimi kinds of leather and a tree. The rear-wheel model is equipped novymdvigatelem V8 with capacity of 280 h.p. and adaptive avtomaticheskojtransmissiej.

For admirers of luxury off-road cars under stamp Infiniti QX4 - the modernised variant popular naseveroamerikanskom the market of model of Nissan Pathfinder with the smart interior finished with a genuine leather and more predstavitelskojvneshnostju. Rjadnyj the 6-cylinder engine capacity 170 l.s.obespechivaet quite good dynamic characteristics, however on fonekonkurentov, offering as top models given klassavnedorozhnikov under the stamp of Infiniti with 8-cylinder engines, QX4 not so it is bright.

Infiniti FX45 - some kind of a hybrid of the sports versatile person ivnedorozhnika. It will be equipped with 315-strong engine V8 spjatistupenchatoj an automatic transmission. Model retail price - 44,2. Dollars (weaker version with engine V6 is called FX35 ibudet to cost on ten thousand less). As Mark Maknab informed vitse-prezidentkompanii-prezidentkompanii Infiniti, the design of the car was developed vkalifornii, and as a whole it is designed specially dljaseveroamerikanskogo the market. The equipment engages firmennujunavigatsionnuju system on DVD-disks, intellectual cruise-control, the device a clever key and many other things. The American press uzhenazvala this car one of the main applicants for a rank of the best vklasse compact luxury SUV.

other debutant - Infiniti Triant Nearby has been exposed. The design etogosportivnogo a coupe is executed in futuristic spirit (for example, dveriraspahivajutsja upward - on type a side panel of a seagull). The car bukvalnonapichkan electronics, its road performance does not concede mnogimvnedorozhnikam, and it is possible to name interior even magnificent.