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1910-1920 Audis First the car

In the beginning of 1909, after legal dispute with the first zavodamiHorch-Werke, Avgust Horh renamed the second automobile zavodv Audi Automobil-Werke. In the middle of 1910 on the market has been exhausted egopervyj Audi car. This car had 2,6 litrovyjchetyrehtsilindrovyj the engine capacity of 22 h.p.

1920-1930 Audis New a trade mark

In 1920 of Audi Automobil-Werke AG presented new trading Audi. According to fashionable at that time an official style, roscherkljusiana Bernharda replaced the emblem of Audi decorated with vignettes. Now uzhenovaja the emblem (gold letters on a dark blue background in an oval) decorated radiatoryavtomobilej Audi. When in 1965 the first Audi post-war vremenivyshel on the market, it had this trademark on right perednemkryle and on the rear end. With start proizvodstvenoj lines NSU 1977 to year in addition as a firm logo was vvedenshriftovoj Audi sign in a red-brown oval. Since 1982 firm ovalukrasil as well side faces of side panels of cars. In October 1994. The oval logo of Audi has been replaced with a combination of four rings ishriftovogo a sign executed now by red colour.


the First car DKW after war. After creation Auto Union GmbH in Ingolstadt in September, 1949 and the beginnings proizvodstvav the same year of motorcycles and cars for transportation small partijgruzov in August, 1950 manufacture DKW - pervogoposlevoennogo car Auto Union began. Till the end of 1961 godalegkovye cars DKW were made on industrial ploshchadjahRheinmetall-B or sing AG in D?sseldorf.


In the beginning of 1970 wide export of Audi to Connected ShtatyAmeriki began. At first export to the USA was limited to Audi Super 90 model (a sedan and the versatile person), and also new Audi 100. Since 1973 to nimprisoedinilsja Audi 80 which, unlike the European variant, was issued and in a body the versatile person. After Audi model received on rynkessha own designations: Audi 4000 for Audi 80, Audi 5000 for Audi100.

1980-1990 Audis quattro

In March, 1980 Audi stand on the Geneva motor show stalnastojashchej sensation, thanks to presented on it novomupolnoprivodnomu the sporty coupe. For the first time passenger avtomobilpredlagalsja with the concept of the drive gear used till now only vgruzovyh cars and off-road cars. Idea such passenger avtomobiljavoznikla in the winter 1976/77 During test runs narazrabatyvaemom army off-road car VW Iltis. Magnificent povedenieetogo the car at movement on ice and snow led to thought vnedritpolnyj drive gear VW Iltis in serial Audi 80. The same year there were the provedenyopytno-design works which result became sozdaniesportivnogo Audi coupe quattro.

the Sports debut of Audi quattro took place in the beginning of 1981 on janvarskomralli in Austria. The all wheel drive quattro made revolution in miremezhdunarodnyh rally and races. In December, 1982 it has been adjusted serijnoeproizvodstvo Audi 80 quattro with an all wheel drive. Gradually quattro it began to be offered as well for other models of Audi.

the victory in DTM on Audi V8

In 1990 of Audi AG participated for the first time in the German championship serijnyhavtomobilej (DTM). Hans-Ioahim Shtuk acting on Audi V8 became the winner in this season. Next year Frenkom Biela at the wheel Audi the same model could protect a champion title successfully.

Audi c

In December, 1990 has been presented by engine V6 new Audi 100 (vnutrenneeoboznachenie 4) which for the first time in history concern became predlagatsjatakzhe with the six-cylinder V-engine. Powerful (174 h.p.) The power unit with a working volume of 2,8 litres was the most compact ilegkim in the class. It had new system of injection of fuel, kotorajaobespechivala demanded high traction effort at low number oborotovi high power in the top range of turns.

1990-2000 Audis duo

On the Geneva motor show in March, 1990 of Audi AG Audi duo, serial Audi 100 Avant quattro in which except obychnogobenzinovogo the engine the electric motor with privodomna a rear axle has been established also. At necessity, the drive gear could be switched sbenzinovogo the engine to the electric. This hybrid car bylrazrabotan, in particular, for use in sphere kommunalnogohozjajstva.

2005 Audis hybrid

on September, 12th, 2005 on the International showroom in Frankfurt (Germany) of Audi AG presented the new child - Audi Q7hybrid off-road car. Uniqueness of this car consists that it osnashchendvumja highly technological engines. Simultaneously with 4.2-litrovymbenzinovym engine FSI V8, Audi Q7 car hybrid oborudovanelektrodvigatelem last version, which uvelichivaettehnicheskie twisting moment indicators on 200 Njutonov-ON-metre imoshchnost on 32 kW (44 h.p.).

it is difficult to believe that at the it specifications avtomobiljapozvoljajut to reduce fuel consumption on the average to 13 %. Optimizatsijaeffektivnosti energy consumption it is reached by means of Audi innovation-intelligent energy management. In addition, integrated quattro provides to an off-road car faultless pokozateli at movement vrazlichnyh road conditions.