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Three vital issues about winter tyres

1. What for to change?

Once again for the doubting: tyres to change - and thats all! Summer rubber on a snow covering simply does not keep a trajectory. Whereas winter tyres have a deep water of a tread and set of flutes is increases coupling properties, and the braking distance is shorter on the average on 4 metres.

2. When to change?

the General rule: pereobuvajte the car when the daily average temperature in the street makes 7 degrees. Daily average, that is in the afternoon still the sun in the street can shine and the temperature indicator to show 10 degrees, however at night temperature already about zero: means, since morning will be naled.

Behind an example it is not necessary to go far: in the end of September in St.-Petersburg there was a major accident to participation of 30 cars - and all because of that morning naledi.

3. On what to change?

Only winter rubber! So-called “vsesezonka“ suits Europe with its soft winter and pure streets.

one more frequent question of drivers: thorns are necessary or not? The champion of Russia on rally Gennady Broslavsky only pro as last years manufacturers use so-called floating thorns, that is if you go on dry asphalt, simply rolls a thorn in the flute. And called in on ice or the rolled snow - thorns are accepted to work. «In general, my opinion - do not stint on shipovannuju rubber».