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Seven important questions about winter footwear for your car


- Once again for doubting: tyres to change - and thats all! Bald summer rubber on a snow covering (naled, snow, reagents and so forth) Simply does not keep a trajectory, - head capital shinomontazhnogo complex Autoshin Vyacheslav Sysoyev explains. - winter tyres have a deep water of a tread and many small flutes for increase in coupling properties at snow and ice-covered road.

at the expense of it the braking distance at them is shorter on the average on 4 metres. Summer rubber on a frost becomes oak and similar to plastic - its coupling properties on ice just the same, as at a childrens sledge with an ice slope. The risk to have an accident increases in times!


the General rule: pereobuvajte the car when the daily average temperature in the street makes 7 degrees. Daily average when in the afternoon still the sun in the street can shine and the temperature indicator to show more than 10 degrees, however at night temperature already about zero: means, since morning will be naled.

Behind an example it is not necessary to go far: In the end of September in St.-Petersburg there was a major accident to participation of 30 cars - and all because of that morning naledi.

So look at the temperature indicator more often. For example, about 7 degrees in the Central region of Russia weather forecasters predict approach of daily average temperature in the middle of October.

3. WHETHER it is necessary to TAKE VSESEZONKU?

- that foreign manufacturers name vsesezonkoj, suits Europe with its soft winter and pure streets, - mechanic Igor Zolotaryov considers. - and in Russia all the same it is better not to risk and put on the car exclusively in winter tyres.

Andrey Derevjanchenko, the assistant to the general director of “Pauer Interneshnl“, one of the largest suppliers of tyres to Russia, is adjusted more categorically. As he said, vsesezonka is simply bad winter rubber which named all-weather. In some countries, by the way, it is at all forbidden as representing danger to drivers and passengers.

4. It is necessary to be spent FOR THORNS?

It is considered that thorns on wheels is abruptly and safely. But about safety it is possible to argue: many think that shipovka reduces a braking distance. It actually so but only if you slow down on ice or ice-covered road.

and in cities, at least large, roads already clean for a long time special structures and ice crusts do not happen almost. As a result braking by thorns on usual road a braking distance only... Increases!

an important point: if you bought tyres with thorns the first 200 km it is not necessary to exceed speed of 60 km/hour, and also sharply to get under way and slow down (to thorns “shrinkage“) is necessary. By the way, it is possible to buy already spiked tyres, and it is possible - usual without thorns in which places for their installation are provided. Usually on one tyre put from 90 to 120 thorns.


the Pair of chains reduces a car braking distance. Pair as them do not put on steered wheels - at their turning movement they will touch podkrylki and to be torn. So to front-wheel cars of a chain do not help, and here for “classics“ or all-wheel drive cars - most that. Especially them, unlike wheels to establish quickly and simply. Today exhaust not only traditional metal, but also rezinometallicheskie chains. When the last are put on wheels, them in movement and will notice not at once as they are made practically of the same rubber, as the tyre.
Dmitrys scheme SEMICINCHONA.


Their first plus consists in small weight in comparison with punchings. And than more low the weight - that above smoothness of a course and is better roadability.

But the most important thing that provided to such disks huge popularity, is a beautiful appearance. Light-alloy disks happen two kinds: cast and shod. The first always look beautifully, but they badly resist to corrosion and become covered oksidnoj by a film which spoils appearance. And because of the fragility on large hollows and holes they can crack simply. Shod possess high strength and ease, but, alas, it is necessary to pay for it the high price: approximately in one and a half time is more expensive cast and in two-three times is more expensive than the usual steel.


to Do it it is necessary in vertical position in the pumped in condition, the geometry differently is broken and deformations are inevitable.

a balcony or cold garage - not the best variant for storage because the frost is harmful to rubber.

there are services in storage in a special warehouse, on the average 3500 roubles for half a year.

If on a paint and varnish covering of a disk appeared skoly, do not give in to a temptation to recolour all disk, paint over only them. On sale in shops ballonchiki for colouring of disks, as a rule, give only instant cosmetic effect: in braking time the nave and a wheel heat up to 100 and more degrees, and in some seconds over them pours ice water from a pool - what paint sustains it? Only that that is put industrially at observance of the current technologies of painting.


do not give a wheel to autothieves

The disks and tyres at your car are more expensive, the fans of a freebie will be lost in contemplation is more often of them. So we advise to put on each wheel on one bolt-sekretke. Important nuances:

the Head “sekretki“ should be turned off only by a special key. If the hat can be picked up by means of powerful pincers, to beat off a hammer or to cut down a chipper, look for something more reliably.

the fixture should be reliable, but not too difficult, differently it can fail under the influence of water or a dirt.

the bolt should not be massive, wheel balancing differently will be broken.