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Wanted as easier, and it turned out as always

new positions in the Law &ldquo on March, 1st came into force; About MTPL ”

Now automobile owners can make out small road traffic accidents independently, under the simplified scheme. But it – in the theory. And in practice and insurers, and the State traffic inspectorate, and experts in car repairs urge to concern an innovation attentively and to use it extremely carefully.

it would SEEM, there was of what all of us dreamt for a long time. Now because of trifling failure it is not necessary to wait hours for arrival on a scene of the inspector of traffic police. It is not necessary to stand in a huge plug only that two of three strips are occupied by the cars which have slightly got used to each other by bumpers. Because now at all of us will be, as in the West: were knocked, filled pieces of paper, exchanged cut-aways - and parted everyone on the affairs. Even the word appeared new - “euroreport“. However in our lexicon to it “European-quality repair“ will get accustomed where more difficult, than, say, to a word. Because not all that successfully operates abroad, it appears effective at us in the country.

insurers expect growth of the most different kinds of insurance swindle. If before road accident were dramatized on road now owners of two beaten cars can make it simply on a paper. Besides, dishonest automobile owners can be reserved on a case of small failures by counterfeit policies of MTPL.

in courts wait for flow of claims from citizens to the insurance companies. After all in the same way, as we want to receive money under the insurance, the insurer does not want them to pay. And if the inquiry from traffic police always was telling argument in dispute with the insurance company the slightest error in independently filled “the Notice on road accident” there and then transforms this document into the useless scrap of paper.

Representatives of traffic police remind that settlement of the damage caused to cars, - not unique aspect which should interest a society in a road accident context. After all besides property at road incident is also a civil component. We assume, the originator of incident was drunk - that then? At registration of failure without participation of the employee of traffic police the infringer leaves the unpunished. And tomorrow through his fault not the bumper will be scratched, and people are lost.

if come into force “simplified tax system“ calls so much questions and fears for whom car accidents - a subject of professional interest that to wait from usual citizens who remember MTPL only while it is necessary to engage “emergency signal“ and to go to look scales of damages?

at first sight all is simple. The law says what not to call the inspector on a place of accident it is possible in the event that five basic conditions are observed:

1. Two cars participate In road accident only.

2. The damage put to the victim, does not exceed 25.000 roubles.

3. In failure there are no wounded men and victims.

4. Participants of incident do not have disagreements concerning the one who from them the rights and who is guilty.

5. At last, both at guilty, and the victim has MTPL policies, prisoners not earlier than March, 1st, 2009.

However to these conditions is also additions.

for example, without participation of the representative of traffic police it is impossible to issue papers on the failure which have occurred not “on public roads”, and in a court yard, on a rural track, “a place of competitions” or “protected territory”. Besides, the inspector should be called necessarily in the event that you faced trolley bus, tram or the car belonging to the legal body where the hired driver at the wheel sits.

and even if all conditions are observed - whether you are assured, what can in the conditions of stress, under buzz of horns, competently make all papers? If think that it is not more difficult than form filling about payment of utilities strongly be mistaken. First, the special form is required to you - present “the Notice on road accident” for “simplified tax system“ is not necessary, and new anybody in eyes did not see.

Secondly to fill it it is required not anyhow, and in strict conformity with the special document - “Typical schemes of road accident and distribution of responsibility for the done harm at official registration of papers on road accident without participation of representatives on that police officers”. It was made just in common by the Russian Union of insurers and scientific research institute of problems of traffic safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. If you unpack in advance typical schemes and will hold just in case them in a glovebox in case of failure you and your opponent should define, to which of 74 (!) Types of failures your case concerns. Carefully all to draw again and attentively to put down in the notice all necessary ticks. The slightest error or discrepancy allows to the insurance company an occasion to refuse to you payment.

and at last last and if to ponder - the important point. Whether you are capable to define by eye, what the damage to the car did not exceed the sum of 25.000 roubles? If are not assured, in case of any failure first of all call the inspector of traffic police. If are assured, … look that experts about it think.

Vladimir Kuzin, the deputy chief of Department of safety of traffic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation:

- My comment will be extremely short: if you had any doubts concerning circumstances of failure or you find it difficult to define the size of the caused damage safely call employees of traffic police. On request of motorists inspectors of traffic police are obliged to arrive to the place of road accident irrespective of, the car how much seriously suffered.

Yaroslav Levashov, the general director of company “Autocrash“:

- I am professional many years I am engaged in the repayment of beaten cars. The success of the transaction depends on a fast and exact visual estimation of damages. But even at times it is difficult to me to define repair cost approximately. For example, the huge hole on a door from crash with auto truck can horrify, though actually, probably, all will be limited only to replacement and painting of one detail.

but, unfortunately, happens on the contrary when after failure the car outwardly practically did not suffer is much more often, but behind slightly rumpled bumper heavy damages of power elements of a body disappear. Differently, to estimate repair cost it is possible only after careful visual inspection and even partial dismantling of the car.

Therefore I advise in case of the slightest doubt at an estimation of consequences of failure not to rely on luck, and to call employees of traffic police for road accident registration.

Vladimir Ostapenko, the foreman of the official dealer “Ford“ Joint-Stock Company “Ju.S. IMPEKS”:

- to Keep within a limit of 25.000 roubles it is possible only when it is necessary easy, insignificant repair (no more than 1-2 normochasov) one, a maximum of two kuzovnyh elements. If editing of a detail of the case (as an example we take extended on market “Ford Focus“) passes for four normochasa its restoration is inexpedient - the spare part should be changed with the subsequent painting. And in this case, I can assure you, repair manages in the sum considerably big, rather than 25.000 roubles.

I can name some cases when cost of repair of a foreign car of a class “Ford Focus” does not exceed the declared limit:

- replacement of one headlight in gathering,

- replacement of a lateral mirror (including with the electric drive),

- replacement protivotumanki (in certain cases two),

- easy repair of a door or a side panel (it is possible, both these details),

- seal of a scratch and bumper painting (but not full replacement!),

- replacement flew down (except front with heating which, as a rule, costs more expensively).

Sergey Maslenkov, the head of department of autoinsurance OSAO “RESO-GUARANTEE“:

- It is not necessary to forget that this innovation is fraught with problems and for those motorists who insured the cars on CASCO. Here only one example: we admit, at the victim in road accident the damage makes less than 25.000 roubles, and the originator of failure - has more. So happens, for example, at