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«Was on work -« a cockleshell »took down!»

«While was on work -« a cockleshell »took down!»

Took down, though for it I cry many years. Any hard workers disassembled, explained - under the order of the regional authorities. Neighbours awnings suffered also. It is lawful?


- Is not present. And that is why.

under the Constitution of the Russian Federation (article 35) the pulling down and withdrawal of any property have the right to make only on a judgement.

Besides, necessarily should raise executive manufacture.

only in the presence of the court order and indispensable presence of the judicial police officer-executor “the cockleshell“ pulling down can be made.

Unfortunately, both “cockleshells“, and “cases“ communicate not on a judgement, and on so-called podzakonnomu to the certificate what the order of the prefect or head of a justice is. One more article of the Constitution - 55th is thus broken, regarding 3 which is underlined that the rights of the citizen in exceptional cases can be limited only by the Federal law.

on the guard of interests of “shell rocks“ there are two more articles - item 14 GK the Russian Federation («self-defence of the civil rights») and item 37 of the criminal code of Russian Federation («necessary defence»).

Thus if in a court yard stuck announcements with the requirement to clean garages or you found workers at attempt of dismantle of your property, you have the right to resist, giving reason for the actions by that we live under the Federal law, and, hence, without a judgement has nobody the rights to encroach on your property.

how much is to issue “generalku“?

Speech - about registration of the power of attorney on the right of use and the order the car, the so-called general power of attorney. Whether there are here any privileges?

Galina Sergeevna.

- This sum neodinakova in different cases. So, children, including adopted, spouses, parents, brothers and sisters pay 250 roubles, all other physical persons bring on 400 roubles.

from state duty payment are released: Heroes of Soviet Union, Heroes of Russia and full gentlemen of an award of Glory, participants and invalids of the Second World War. Invalids I and II groups pay 50 percent from state duty basic dimension.

the notary raises the state duty which size is established subitem 16 of item 1 of item 333.24 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation.

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