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When the inspector has the right...

Ignorance of the law does not relieve from responsibility! - the GAI officer who has stopped you at a sharp turn through the continuous reports. Your assurances that for it like not deprivation of the rights but only the penalty, on it do not operate. Like? There is no such term in the law. You left on counter, means, deprivation of the rights... Well or... We can agree .

Actually in your case punishment for infringement given to traffic regulations only the penalty - 1500 roubles. And that more suchdivorcesdone not happen, here to you an instruction for what can take away the rights, and also to detain the car or to remove number boards.


Occasions for this purpose from the employee of traffic police it is a lot of. However remember that certificate withdrawal is yet deprivation is right, last word - for the judge.

And all in Russian * 17 points which allow to withdraw its certificate from the driver are stipulated:

* According to Administrative regulations.

... To DETAIN the CAR

Besides 9 lawful occasions which we specify more low, there is one more. It costs independently because, first, it is registered any more in KoAP, and in Administrative regulations. And secondly, it is not so much detention of a car, how much the right of the GAI officer at any moment to use your car in the office purposes, for example, for prosecution of criminals. Such right gives them Regulations point 68: In need of use of a vehicle the employee informs on it to the driver with purpose and traffic route instructions and suggests the driver to give it a vehicle, explaining in default responsibility for default of this requirement .

And detention of the car probably in following cases:
  1. when the driver has no corresponding documents (the drivers licence, the certificate on check in, coupon GTO if it is necessary, the power of attorney) - ( item 2.3 p.1 KoAP ).
  2. at faulty brake or steering systems ( item 12.5 ch. 2 KoAP );
  3. if the driver is deprived the rights or at all no them has - item 12.7 chch. 1 - 2 KoAP ;
  4. driver is drunk - item 12.8 p.1 and ch. 3 KoAP ;
  5. or refuses medical survey passage on a drunken state - item 12.26 of KoAP;
  6. stop or car parking on a carriageway if it creates an obstacle for movement of other cars - item 12.19 ch. 4 KoAP ;
  7. stop or parking in a tunnel - item 12.19 ch. 4 KoAP ;
  8. when rules of transportation large-sized and heavy loads (absence of the permission, a deviation from the confirmed route, excess of the resolved dimensions) - item 12.211 chch are broken. 1 - 2 KoAP ;
  9. infringement of rules of transportation of hazardous cargoes (absence of the certificate on preparation of the driver, the competency certificate of the car, the co-ordinated route and so forth) - item 12.212 p.1 KoAP.


If the GAI officer threatens to remove signs from your car in such situation it is necessary to be guided by Not so administrative regulations, and the Code about administrative offences (KoAP). According to it the inspector has on this right only in six cases:

- there is no MTPL policy ( item 12.37 ch. 2 KoAP ).

- if the car did not pass GTO ( item 12.1 ch. 2 KoAP );

- when on the car are established not corresponding to requirements light and sound signals and also if on the car are illegally put tsvetograficheskie schemes of field services ( item 12.4 of KoAP);

- noise level at work of a vehicle above standards ( the item 8.23 KoAP );

- at faulty brake (except a parking brake) or the helmsman systems ( item 12.5 ch. 2 KoAP );

- if blowout of soiling substances of a car exceeds the Russian specifications ( item 8.23 of KoAP ).

it is important!

It helps to commute a penalty

According to article 4.2 of KoAP of the Russian Federation such admit: