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The tax to the car: the price in horsepowers

“Horses“ on service at the state For the budget everyone l. With. - kopeck. More correctly, the rouble, yes not one. The transport tax is charged on horsepowers of engine power of the car. And the them it is more, the above the tax rate (see the table more low). The burden of owners powerful sport- and superkarov is the heaviest: one l. With. Their elite “racers“ everyone manages on 150 roubles. For example, buyer Mercedes McLaren SLR capacity of 626 l. With., paying 26 million roubles (from which, by the way, 4 million - the VAT), owes to treasury annually on 98 900 rbl. But god with them, with rich men! It is insulting that the dedulja-pensioner, the owner of modest VAZ 72-strong “seven“ tear up from everything, even, should pay 792 roubles. And for some it is third of pension! Where there are our money? The authorities assert that the transport tax is raised for building and repair of roads. sold the car? All the same should Think, if you got rid of the car, already and do not owe to anybody? Pipes! Under the law if the car stayed at you less than three years, do not forget to report in due time in tax (till April, 30th of next year) and to pay 13 % from the sale sum. For delay the penalty - 5 % from the sum of the tax per every day of delay “runs“. Do not want to pay the tax? Who is ready to share the blood? There is an exit. If you within a year bought the new car not more cheaply sold then tax money does not see. And for the justification it will be necessary to put to the declaration the statement addressed to the head of yours IFNS on a difference between the price of sale and car purchase. The second variant - a property tax deduction. If you it is more than anything expensive did not sell (real estate it is not counted) from the sum of the sold car (if it exceeds) subtract 125 thousand roubles and pay the tax from a difference, only the statement on a property tax deduction do not forget to write. Also consider that both modes of reduction of taxes are not used simultaneously. that to expect to drivers in the future? it is quite probable that soon transport tax increases. At least the Moscow mayor already signed the project of the corresponding law, according to which in capital since January, 1st, 2009 the rate for cars capacity from 125 l. With. Becomes half more expensive. But on cars capacity to 100 horsepowers does not change and will make still 7 roubles for one “horsy“.
The “herd“ under a cowl less, the we pay less.
it is possible not to doubt that heads of other regions follow to its example. However, one more official - the minister of the industry and Victor Khristenkos trade - has other idea. The transport tax not to raise, and, on the contrary, to depress. However, it is a question of the cars corresponding to standards of euro-2 and euro-3. So officials want to jog Russians to change from rotten “copecks“ on new ekomobili. OPINION Victor pohmelkin, the chairman «Movement of motorists of Russia»: «the one who goes much Let pays?» - For today a collecting of the transport tax - at level of 50 %. Therefore matter is not in volume to increase rates, and in raising a collecting. Besides, who goes more, that should pay more so would be correct to engage the transport tax in the price for gasoline in the form of the firm sum. It would be logical and fair: who goes more - refuels is more often. And engine power - not the main criterion. the rate of the transport tax
Engine power (l. With.) federal (in rbl.) St.-Petersburg (in rbl.) Moscow (in rbl.) To 10011207Îň 100 to 12519.253520Îň 125 to 15019.253520Îň 150 to 200505030Îň 200 to 250757550Ńâűřĺ 250150150100