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Whether it is possible to go in Russia by the international rights

your questions are answered with the main State car inspector of Moscow suburbs. You too can state become painful or to ask a question - [form] more low.

- why do not struggle with drivers who establish non-standard mufflers, (from them it is so much noise that signallings work, besides, they try to make of the ruins almost “Porsche“). It is necessary to employees of traffic police to pay attention to these cars.

is really serious problem. And, it is necessary to tell, employees of the State traffic inspectorate spend the big work on revealing of vehicles on which not certificated mufflers which have been not provided in a design by manufacturer are established. Cars with non-standard mufflers make a lot of noise, intruding upon leisure of citizens. And it is not so healthy, when at 2 oclock in the morning under windows such racer is carried by, and at you the child only fell asleep. Revealing of such vehicles at us in Moscow suburbs is carried out by state inspectors of technical supervision of traffic police at carrying out of the state maintenance inspection of vehicles, and also in frameworks special actions .

- whether It is impossible to organise drivers licence replacement so, what it would not be infernal torture for drivers? It is necessary to spend all the working day long in MREO in awful conditions and in throwings between MREO, the Savings Bank and GAI. And also I ask to answer a question: what for as a part of drivers honey of the commission the doctor-gynecologist? Or enter into structure of the doctor-urologist for men.

- I with you entirely agree. It is necessary to raise quality of granting to the population of the state services and to improve conditions of enrolment of citizens. We find the big support of the Governor and the Government of Moscow Region in the decision of this problem. In our region within the limits of realisation of the long-term target program of Moscow suburbs «traffic Safety in territory of Moscow Region in 2009-2011ãã.» The complex of actions for carrying out of building and repair of office buildings of traffic police and stationary posts of traffic police is successfully realised. Only lately 27 new buildings of divisions of traffic police and the RAP are put into operation, more than 30 are capitally repaired.

for qualitative reception of the population preliminary record , in some divisions where the quantity of technical operations exceeds 200 is organised , there is an electronic turn. Also in the specified divisions are established autosavings banks , allowing to pay the state duty in a building the RAP. Each premise for enrolment of citizens is equipped by necessary information stands.

For those who prepares in the near future to address in the State traffic inspectorate Situated near Moscow concerning replacement of the rights I will remind, now registration-examination divisions OGIBDD of the Department of Internal Affairs-OVD of municipal unions of Moscow Region, ÌÎÒÎÐ-1,2,3 and ÌÐÝÎ-2,4 carry out replacement and delivery of drivers licences under the following schedule:
  • Monday from 9.00. Till 14.00, on preliminary record;
  • Tuesday-Saturday from 9.00 till, a break from 13.00 till;
  • Sunday - the day off.

the Question on structure of the experts participating in physical examination on reception of the right to steering by vehicles, does not concern the State traffic inspectorate competence.

- respected, Sergey Sergeev! Hello! It would be desirable, that you explained the following situation. By you it has been told that, I quote, “the Second - vocational training of employees.“ My husband, the employee of traffic police, in connection with absence of higher education (at me the higher jur.), we decided that it is necessary for it to receive the higher jur. Education on a speciality, at university of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and “a central board“ management as that “is frozen accepts“ documents, whether to aspire that (“bring, and there as it turns out, whether resolve above“...) That employees went into higher education how to be with this point in question? On the contrary, people aspire to raise education not to be jur. Illiterate on roads, and in the Law on Militia it is written, what has the right to free education why all so difficultly or now there was a Limit on pupils?! It would not be desirable to lose academic year or it is necessary to arrive platno in the same University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but with such salary... Alas... Thanks for the answer! Elena.

- Elena, no restrictions in direction questions on training in educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia are present now.

If your husband wishes to receive higher education in HIGH SCHOOLS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia , it should submit the official report in a service place in which to specify the name of educational institution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, faculty (compartment) and a speciality on which it wishes to be trained. Educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia carry out transfer of candidates on training after carrying out of professional takeoff which includes competitive introductory tests, professional psychological takeoff, physical examination and an estimation of their physical suitability. If your spouse successfully passes all introductory tests, competitive takeoff and will be enlisted in departmental HIGH SCHOOL of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on correspondence mode of study without a separation from service it can receive the higher juridical education.

- I live in the far abroad. I have European rights and Russian. Term Russian this year comes to an end. Whether it is necessary to prolong or European enough? In Russia the car is not present, but sometimes I use cars of the family. Thanks!

- In view of that fact that you live in the far abroad, and in territory of the Russian Federation stay temporarily have the right to steer vehicles in the presence of the international or foreign national drivers licence , corresponding to requirements of the Convention on traffic of 1968, record in which are made or produblirovany by letters of the Latin alphabet (item 44 of Rules of delivery of promotion examinations and delivery of the drivers licences confirmed by the governmental order of the Russian Federation from 12/15/1999 ¹ 1396).

If your national drivers licence does not correspond to requirements of the specified Convention it is necessary for you to make the transfer of the given document assured when due hereunder into Russian.

- on line Ì1 there are many signs on speed limitations to 70 km. And as there are signs of 50 km. Hour on that party where a roadwork is not conducted. And here where exactly it is necessary a depressing sign, there it, on the contrary, no, I have to a kind a cemetery
“Oaklets“. There there is an abrupt bridge through small river!!
on Ì1 it is necessary to establish a traffic light - there where from the Minsk highway turn on Ruzu. Very emergency crossroads at the Cuban, there trojnnoe H - figurative traverse that is very dangerous! And still the bridge through the Minsk highway is constructed with a wrong TRAFFIC DIAGRAM!!

- the Road signs limiting a high-speed mode and informing drivers about a site of manufacture of road-building works with 32 on 43 km a/d Moscow-Minsk, are established in strict conformity with the project of the organisation of movement and a protection of works on road reconstruction.

Restrictions are entered from both parties of this site as reconstruction is connected not only with ushireniem a carriageway, but also with carrying out of the existing communications located from the different parties of a road cloth.

signs 3.24“Restriction of the maximum speed» 50 km/h in settlement Likino on 35 kilometre of road are established after each adjunction for observance by drivers of the established high-speed mode on a reconstruction site.

now, as to a crossroads at the Cuban . The state traffic inspectorate repeatedly initiated references to Steering of a highway “Moscow-Minsk“ about necessity