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In road accident in Ukraine seven persons were lost

state of emergency occurred yesterday, about nine evenings, on 397th kilometre of a line Kharkov - Kiev before Chutovo . According to preliminary data GAI, auto truck DAF which carried about 20 tons of cargo to Poltava, faced a microbus “Mercedes Benz“, informed “Member of the Komsomol“ in GAI of the Kharkov area. As a result all seven passengers of a microbus died on the spot. Five persons at blow took off from interior - people scattered on road literally. A two more in a drivers cab clamped under metal fragments.

to look it is more

it is given by press-service GU MCHSU in the Kharkov area .

- In the bus was four laymen and three priests, they travelled from Chernovtsy to the Svjatogorsky monastery, - father Michael Kit told to “Member of the Komsomol“.

according to the priest, representatives of the Chernovetsky Diocese already in a way to Kharkov. Now with bodies of victims forensic scientists work, in some hours of victims dress and transport in the Pokrovsk mans monastery of the Kharkov Diocese.

- and in the evening representatives of the Chernovetsky diocese approach, and we pass them bodies which take away home, - Michael Kit informed.

unique who did not suffer in failure - the 35-year-old driver of the auto truck. Its waggon at crash took out in landing. Whether it was drunk, now only find out - at once after road accident of the driver brought to the narcological centre to take blood samples.

the cause of accident is established by a consequence. But according to preliminary data, on a counter strip the driver of the auto truck left.