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Skoda Octavia Test drive: life after new face lifting

Michael Zadornov if I am not mistaken with authorship, had a fine phrase - «Difficultly to change, changing nothing, but we will be». It is to be resulted in each material if business concerns “face lifting“ or, speaking Russian, updatings of existing model.

Somehow time I could communicate to the main designer MINI. I long it vymuchival on a subject dolgozhitelstva style, after all MINI Cooper many long years practically do not change. So, strokes. And he monotonously told about evolution and small steps. Eventually, I did not sustain and asked a question - and whether it is possible to create one stroke a masterpiece? The answer was unexpected. It took the prospectus where the girl in bikini advertised auto chemical goods from a table, and crossed out to it the handle one eye. A masterpiece? Here and “face lifting“ strokes sometimes go on advantage, sometimes are not present, and at times and at all cripple the car. Look at Daewoo Nexia of this year. After all there is an impression that it was updated in garage by the not qualified fans of tuning...

However, our todays conversation not about Zadornov, not about MINI and not about Daewoo Nexia, and about Skoda Octavia which worried “face lifting“. It was necessary or not, but the fact remains.
the car really changed and to look became even more solid. The author. It is more than pictures in a photo gallery.

Skoda Octavia test took place in the Czech city of Plzen, known for one of the best in the world brewery. And before tasting all charm of an ideal proportion of malt, hop and water, I should understand, what all the same in the car of the new? Well, of course, new headlights, a radiator enclosure, bumpers and tail lights . It is classics without whom almost any updating does not manage.

And than still it is possible to involve the buyer, if not with change of external shape? After all meet on odezhke. The car really changed and to look became even more solid, but, truth, was gone in lines former ease. Besides, it seemed, as proportions became now others though, certainly, a body arrangement did not change. In a word, there is no saying, appearance of the car became better or worse. Eventually, he before you, to you and to solve.
there are also all blessings of a civilisation, engaging automatic climate control and navigating system. The author.
the Interior too changed, and here to it changes obviously went advantage. Personally to me an interior dorestajlingovoj Skoda Octavia seemed dullish. Yes, the interior was solid, convenient, there was no claim to finishing materials and ergonomics. Though, forgive, one claim was - could not understand in any way to whom came to mind to issue a dashboard so that it was impossible to read speedometer and tachometre figures. But to it it is obvious something did not suffice, too all is correct.

now the interior at Skoda Octavia became more interesting and more original. In general it is in many respects similar to an interior of new Skoda SuperB. the New panel of devices looks more effective previous, and the dashboard which in the past simply depressed, at last became read. Quality of finishing materials worthy, and adjustment of details the excellent. There are also all blessings of a civilisation, engaging automatic climate control and navigating system . Last, naturally, - an option, and and completely not cheap - more than 50 000 roubles. And it for the version without a DVD-player, and with it is even more expensive.

In general, there is an impression that Skoda hastens with great strides in a premium-segment. So, you look, soon not popular models of a golf class, and such bonus cars, as Audi A4 or BMW 3-Series become its competitors. However, while about it to speak rather early and behind the proof far we do not go - look at scale of engines.
it is enough place. The author.

all begins with the 1,4-litre motor capacity 80 l.s, and comes to an end with the engine 1,8 l, capacity 160 l.s . By the way, in a basic set which costs 499 000 roubles, you just and become the owner of the car with the motor in volume of 1,4 l. it Goes, frankly speaking, not bright and one hundred types already for 14,2 seconds.

now at Octavia there is one more motor of the same volume, but is much more powerful - 122 h.p. It can work together with seven-step transmission DSG. One year ago this couple to me could be tested for Volkswagen Golf and then to delight there was no limit - excellent dynamics and scanty fuel consumption. An ideal variant for a city. And how this tandem works on Octavia?

If for someone an abbreviation DSG only a set of letters, briefly I will tell that this such. As a matter of fact, it robotised dvuhvalnaja transmission . Even drives are on one shaft, odd on other . Besides, at it and two clutches . When you engage the first drive, the box engages also the second, but clutch on that to a shaft is opened for the time being. As soon as DSG “decides“ that it is time to engage the second, it disconnects one clutch, and closes another. You go on the second, and at it already on call the third. And so on. At DSG there are two conclusive advantages - it switches drives faster, than you can make it on usual “mechanics“, and provides low fuel consumption. But there are also two lacks - it does not have not enough the smoothness of switchings inherent in traditional “automatic machines“, and she seriously reflects if sharply to pass, suppose, with a heel to the third. After all these drives are on one shaft and one smykaniem clutches here not to manage.

and still if me asked what of versions Octavia I would get to myself and did not begin to reflect - with the motor of 1,4 l and box DSG. And, most likely, in a body the versatile person. More practical and comfortable car in this class still it is necessary to look. The motor goes perfectly, and the expense in 6,3 l on “hundred“ at the commixed cycle satisfies even the driver considering each gramme of fuel. It is interesting that at the engine the good response to low turns. And it at such modest working volume!
And all began so. Scoda.

Well, with the choice I was defined, and what buyers will choose? Certainly, the basic demand is necessary on Skoda Octavia with the 1,6-litre motor and a manual transmission. It is that “golden mean“ - the version rather accessible and with a gentlemens set of options. Basically, the big claims to it are not present, but it is necessary to consider that a motor vjalovat on bottoms, and clutch both was not informative, and it is necessary - to get under way from a place inconveniently. But, potykavshis, it is possible to get used. Though occurrence of the version with DSG, probably, interests many and the demand vector changes.

“face lifting“ to “face lifting“ rozn. One simply make advances to the buyer, offering it hardly a modified product, others really make serious changes. Skoda Octavia - obviously second variant. At it changed both appearance, and interior, and the main thing - appeared absolutely new pair: the engine-DSG. And it not so simply games of experts in marketing with the buyer, is new version.


the Overall length: 4572 mm

Overall width: 1769 mm

Dimensional height: 1462 mm

the Drive gear: front

the Engine





1,9 D

2,0 D

Capacity, h.p.







Dispersal of 0-100 km/h, with







Max. Speed, km/h








Chevrolet Lacetti. The price from 352 320 rbl.

Chevrolet Lacetti

the Sizes:

Length of 4295 mm

Width of 1725 mm

Height of 1445 mm

the Engine:

Volume from 1,4 l

Capacity from 95 l. With.

Ford Focus. The price from 352 000 rbl.

Ford Focus

the Size