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Car-computer: shows Car-PC

Today the person is almost surrounded by computer technics - and on work, and houses we face computers in various areas of our life. Only motor transport remained until recently in a relative shade from scale application of the built in personal computers, but came to occupy a turn and this niche.

Automobile computers appeared on sale for a long time, however demand for them was insignificant until recently. Automobile computers, or as it is accepted to name them, Car-PC, allow to raise essentially quality of movement in motor transport concerning convenience. The choice of the autocomputer is not much easier, but also slightly it is more difficult than a choice house personalki.

the place Choice under autocomputer installation

One of the major problems arising before acquisition and installation of the automobile computer źin a place╗, becomes a choice of installation site Car-PC in the car. Some automobile owners are inclined to acquisition installation in an autoradio tape recorder nest at coincidence of dimensions of devices. But so it turns out not always. The standard size 1DIN which dimensions 178§50§180 mm provide easy installation and absence of a superfluous headache to the majority of owners of new technics is Most extended in the market. A standard size 2DIN which sizes 178§100§180 the mm, provides the big spaciousness of case Car-PC that does computers of such standard size potentially by more functional. But problemless installation of such computers is possible not everywhere, therefore before their acquisition it is necessary to think properly.

it is natural, at installation of the automobile computer the autoradio tape recorder could not be established already. But be not afflicted, the automobile computer is quite capable to lose music qualitatively. Besides, the computer is capable to reproduce much more formats, than the best autoradio tape recorder.

the automobile personal computer establish not only in a compartment for an autoradio tape recorder. It is possible to put it in a luggage compartment, a box for gloves and even under drivers sitting. In this case the buyer can choose any auto-computer without dependence from its sizes. However such arrangement of the automobile personal computer is not welcomed from ergonomics as the device settles down far from hands of the driver.

a food of the automobile computer

Unlike house and office computers, the automobile personal computer is compelled to eat from the onboard power supply. The buyer choosing the automobile personal computer, should learn, whether there corresponds power supply unit of the given model to steering of the food button, a deenergizing delay, monitoring of pressure of the onboard electric system, ability of inclusion and deenergizing of the liquid crystal screen and whether there is a reaction to ignition key position.

if you do not want to toil concerning such trifles is advised to buy brendovye computers which, as a rule, have the power supply units corresponding to given requirements. Such power supply units can provide stable work of the automobile personal computer even at a full discharge of the automobile accumulator and provide optimum low parametres of consumption of energy.

aterinskaja the payment

the Important role in productivity of the automobile computer plays m of motherboard forms-factors. More often in automobile computers it is used forms-factors mini-ITX and nano-ITX which company VIA under §86 developed processors. ╠ini-ITX has some advantages before similar forms-factors ITX:

Ě such motherboards have low power consumption,

Ě and higher degree of integration of components.

the motherboard in the sizes 17§17 centimetres with success contains the processor, a video chart and microcircuits of other remote terminal units. Nano-ITX has the smaller sizes, than mini-ITX (12§12 sm) and lower power consumption. An essential lack of such motherboards are low possibilities on expansion and addition of other devices. Such restrictions are called by the small sizes of the motherboard. On it many remote terminal units physically cannot hold. However, many owners of automobile personal computers do not notice a difference between two forms-factors. Problems begin, when the owner of the computer prepares to carry out an upgrade.

a problem of a choice of the winchester

At a winchester choice there are problems first of all what not each hard disk is capable to sustain car vibrations, constant dispersals and braking. The main task of the buyer definition between the price and quality, and observance of parametres of endurance of the winchester for the parametres described above consists not. Recently there were the hard disks based on flash-technology. They are not afraid of vibrations and pushes as have no mobile parts. For today the most successful choice of the winchester for the automobile personal computer will be just flash - the winchester. The only thing that can hurt memories such is a fire. But here, excuse, and the usual hard disk does not sustain, and from the car a little that remains.

To a huge regret manufacturers of automobile computers seldom complete the production with winchesters on the basis of flash-memory. It becomes on purpose to save and gain the big profit from production. Usually automobile personal computers equip with winchesters from laptops. Such hard disks perfectly approach for a trip to the European countries, but on our hummocks to go with the usual winchester is unsafe. If you use a usual hard disk, we advise to you more often to make reserve copying of the files containing on your auto-computer.

connection of additional devices

Quantity of accessible sockets to which at desire it is possible to connect external devices - important parametre of any computer, not only automobile. Certainly, the most popular socket considers USB. At making it is possible to connect To it practically anything you like. Almost all modern models of automobile computers are equipped by such sockets. It is very good, when sockets for expansion are deduced on the obverse panel.

for example, you want to connect the Bluetoth-adapter, but do not want it to hold constantly in interior. It is much more convenient, if USB is on the obverse panel as you should not make superfluous efforts for device connection. Also it is possible to connect the web-chamber to the automobile computer. Thus, it is possible to start function of the video registrar.

the automobile computer as the designer

Whatever was eminent the manufacturer of computers for the car, all the same he is not capable to create the ideal computer which will satisfy to inquiries of any buyer. Many manufacturers exhaust so-called designers for the automobile personal computer. Such sets (barebony) help to establish a configuration as much as possible meeting your requirements. Classical automobile barebon includes qualitative power supply unit, the case and the motherboard.

if the delivered motherboard has forms-factors mini-ITX or nano-ITX into the delivery complete set enters as well the processor. The user can choose all other stuffing on the taste. Thus, the user can independently pick up each component of the automobile computer according to the requirements. Such approach is the most convenient for the buyer. If the buyer not in forces independently to assemble the unit from a set-designer, it is possible to address in car-care centre where experts and assemble, and, if necessary, makes repair of the computer for your car.

the conclusion

Several years ago many motorists considered that the automobile computer - destiny of enthusiasts. Very few people considered that the automobile computer is the finished product and brings more advantage, than problems.

today the people gradually began to get used to a novelty and to perceive it as a necessary detail of the car. And cost of the automobile computer considerably decreased and makes 800-1200 dollars. For this money you get not only sr