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To lion of Peugeot 150 years were executed

it was equal 150 years ago for the first time the image of a lion as a stamp emblem is registered.

You remember, how all began...

However, then, in 1858, nobody thought of cars: the company exhausted cutting tools. And the lion as a symbol attracted Zhjulju and Emilju of Peugeot because of strength, comparable with strength of lions cogs, flexibility of a plate, comparable with flexibility of a back of a lion, well and speeds are sharp, comparable with a speed from which the lion rushes on the victim.

the image is very fast reigning animals appeared on saws and other cutting tools. Throughout many years the image of a lion changed: from a majestic image of the animal walking on an arrow, to the image of the head turned in the left side.
the very first lion. Peugeot.

in 1882 to a lion changed a hairdress, and the lion increased muscles. After a while the tsar of animals became the unique registered symbol of Peugeot. In 1881 the emblem appeared on coffee mills (which manufacture began in 1840), in 1882 on bicycles and in 1898 on motorcycles.

and then there were cars...

In spite of the fact that the first car (la type 3) has been constructed by Armandom of Peugeot in 1891, only in 1906 cars received for the first time an emblem of the Lion with an arrow.

in 1910 two enterprises (Peugeot Fr è res and Armand Peugeots) united in the uniform enterprise for manufacture of cars and Peugeot bicycles. Manufacture proceeded before the First World War. Car B é became last car of this period carrying an emblem of a lion; b é Lion, for the first time presented on the Parisian interior in October, 1912. The design of the car has been executed by Ettore of Bugatti.

the Cowl of model 203 which have been exhausted in 1948, the emblem in the form of a head of a lion which got more relief lines decorated. The same lion took the place and on model 403 which have been exhausted in 1955. However both design of an emblem have been recognised by dangerous in case of failure in this connection in 1958 the decision on creation of a new lion was accepted.

the lion becomes... Heraldic

model 203 Start marked occurrence of the lion who has descended from the arms of region Fransh-Komte (Franche-Comt é) And duchies Monbeljard (Montb é liard). The boot lid till October, 1952 when the lion got over on a cowl was the traditional location of a lion. Per second half fiftieth the heraldic lion appears on Peugeot motorcycles.

the same lion, but already in the small arms, took a place in the centre radiatornoj lattices on model 403 in April, 1955. This emblem existed till 1966 when the lion grew up and for the first time appeared in such kind on model 404 which have been exhausted in May, 1960. In the sixties the big lion decorated all models of the stamp.

the image of the tsar of animals in a circuit became following generation of an emblem. For the first time it appeared on model 604 which have been exhausted in September, 1975.

in October, 1995 appeared Peugeot 406, topped with an emblem with the image of the big lion then this the emblem could be seen on all models 6 of a series. So was till 1998, did not appear yet the modern image of a lion , executed in traditional style.